Do you know what does a Kinesiologist do?

If you are studying in high school, and thinking of your career choice, you can consider working as a Kinesiologist.

Let us look at the job of a Kinesiologist.

A Kinesiologist is a specialist in the study of human movement. He views our body as a complete musculoskeletal system.

He is interested in how you move, how you fall, and how you engage in dancing, skiing, playing and other movements.

What is the practical use of such knowledge?

The Kinesiologist helps in furniture design. Since he knows about our musculoskeletal system than other specialists, he knows how to design chairs, bed and sofa so that we do not suffer from back pain.

He works with other specialists, such as physical therapists to help injured people. He helps to develop a physical training program so that people can walk and run again.

He can work in private section to help industries assess workplace safety needs. He can provide solution to reduce the occurrence of accidents. He can help companies design workplace setting. When the employees are working in a safe environment, they do not suffer from fracture or fall.

That is why a Kinesiologist is in demand regardless of the economic situation. After all, people hurt themselves everyday. If you work as a Kinesiologist, you will not fear unemployment. This field of study enables you to work in every part of the world.

Since the developed countries are facing the problem of aging population, a Kinesiologist helps to redesign the cities to become elder-friendly. He can educate the elderly ones in reducing the risks of falling and accidents at home. He can also help the injured elderly ones get well.

Some Kinesiologists even specialized in applied kinesiology. That means they apply the knowledge of human movement to treat certain medical conditions. They learn alternative medicine as well.

For example, they use the knowledge of human movement with Traditional Chinese Medicine to treat certain diseases and conditions.

They are practically combining the best of Eastern and modern medicine to heal people.

Some Kinesiologists even specialized in a particular condition. I have seen one Kinesiologist who treats male fertility condition. It is hard to see male fertility condition as a human movement condition. However, lack of exercise is one of the main reasons for male infertility.

How can you become a Kinesiologist?

You need to have a college degree in Kinesiology, Human Kinetics or Applied Science (Human Movement). A first degree is the minimum requirement. Many Kinesiologists have advanced degrees.