Are you ready to have a Superior Life?

Believe it or not everyone can have a Superior Life, we have all that's needed to live a better life where we reach our goals, we are happy, healthy and with enough money to live well, or what else you think could make your life better. Only that sometimes we forget that we already know the key to a Superior Life.

Well actually there are more than one key to a Superior Life, but given that everything begins with the first step, which is usually also the hardest one, the First Key to a Superior Life is Trust.

Key to a Superior Life 1

You must have Trust that you can have a Superior Life!

Trust, mate, not belief. Believing in something simply means that you think that one thing is true or is going to happen; trust instead means that you know that something is true or is going to happen. Believing is not enough to have a Superior Life, you need to know and be sure that you can have a Superior Life to achieve it. That's why Trust is the first Key to a Superior Life. In order to have it you must be sure that it is possible to improve your life.

Your life can improve, why not?

Can you honestly believe that there is at least one chance that your life can improve? I mean given the infinite number of possibilities can even your life improve? Has it already happened that you've been through a negative period in your life for a while and then it has became positive again? I'm pretty sure it has. Life is made of cycles with the positive changing into negative and the negative transforming into positive again. Maybe it sounds slightly too much a Taoist philosophy, but that's how existence is made. Positive and negative, these are the rules of the game and no one can do something about it. But just as the Sun shines again even after a month of rain sooner or later your life will enter again a period of positivity. Can you agree with this?

Can you Trust that your life will enter again into Positivity?

Key to a Superior Life 2

The Key to a Superior Life is Trust in You!

Now, how can you have trust that you can have a better life? Well, having a Superior Life means improving your life feeling better about it, improving your heath, having more money, finding your loved one, having children, having a new, more satisfying job, etcetera etcetera. Summing it up a Superior Life is a life worth living, a life that when the night comes you can confidently say "this day has been good and worth living". You are happy with your life, and your life makes you happy.

Who can say that your life is great and worth living? Only you.

Not only you need to be sure that having a Superior Life is possible, you must know that having a Superior Life is possible for you. I know, if today your life isn't so good your mood and feelings are probably not so good too, but for a moment think about what makes you different from other people who are living the life that you would like to have. Are they so different from you? Aren't they human beings like you are? Is there no one who living a life similar to yours who has been able to shift to a Superior Life? And if he or she has been able to do it why you should not? Why not?

Why Trust is the first Key to a Superior Life.

Pretty simple, if you don't know that there is at least a chance that your life can improve and that you can change your life to a superior one than there is nothing to do and a Superior Life is simply beyond your reach. But if you know that you can then achieving the life of your dreams is simply a matter of using the right tools, or knowing the right keys and how to use them.

What's more Trust has another fundamental effect: it keeps your eyes open to possibilities. If you have no trust you could walk over a winning ticket of the lottery and not even notice it; having trust instead you'll keep your eyes open to find your way to a Superior Life.

You can have a Superior Life and I'll show you how.

This is the first article on the Keys to a Superior Life. Keep reading them and you will have all the keys in your hands so that the Superior Life you want will become a reality.

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