paid survey

The best type of employment is where you have no deadlines, no rules, you are your own boss and your income is determined by the amount of effort you put in your work. The Internet has opened up the possibility of having such a career straight from the comfort of your home. One of the methods available to make money online is through paid surveys. Though this method looks very simple, success requires you to have a lot of patience and time on your hands.

   Paid surveys come about due to marketing research initiatives of companies. Almost all companies require knowledge on their consumer base preferences in terms of design and quality. The companies in turn outsource the services of companies which specialize in consumer research. To collect this data companies use questionnaires which they mostly administer face to face but in order to reach a larger audience this is administered online to the customers who include you. So taking paid surveys is definitely a genuine way to make money online.

   In order to make money online you require doing a lot of research in the company that you want to work with. This is because the internet has very many fraudulent companies. Most of the companies that offer this service on the internet end up not paying you for your service or end up stealing from you. Always remember that no legitimate company will ask you to pay any amount in order to set up an account with them, this is most probably a scam. This should not discourage you as there are quite a number of legitimate paid survey companies.

   The best place to get a list of all paid survey companies is through a paid survey directory which is fairly easy to get on the internet. Remember this service is free and you should not be charged to gain access to this list. I would personally recommend which is 100% free. From this directory you should be able to identify at least five good companies. Sign up with as many as you possibly can. This is to make sure you fill out as many surveys as possible to maximize your earnings. Make sure you fill out your profile on this websites, this is because this companies need to know as much about you as possible in order to know which surveys to send you. Fill out every survey you receive, this is all you need to make money online from paid surveys.

   Patience is very important if you want to make money online. The major problem with trying to make money through paid surveys is that the earnings from each survey is very low, it can to as low as 0.3 dollars per survey. This figure might vary depending on the nature of the survey and the earning can rise up to as much as 3 dollars per survey. All paid survey companies have a cap on the least accumulated earnings with can be withdrawn,  this is usually about 30 dollars, this means you need to do quite a number of surveys before you actually earn your cash. Like i said earlier you need to sign up to many companies in order to earn a considerable amount. Most payments are made through PayPal or personal cheques.

   This is a genuine method to make money online and if done properly plus some patience you can actually make a living from this. Use paid survey directories, create a good profile and do not get tired of filing out those surveys and before you know it you already have your first pay check.