The many virtues of volunteering


Are you by nature self-absorbed and beginning to feel guilty that you are not doing enough for humanity? This is not uncommon. As we get older we realize certain things about ourselves; how selfish we are – that we want more and more – that we are not grateful for our health and that we are able to help others. Volunteering your time is a great way to contribute, but it is not the only way. One should be willing in the heart and not do it to receive praise. The left hand must not know what the right hand gives. Giving your time to help others should be a selfless act.



Ways of helping and giving back


  • Read to senior citizens in a hospital ward one afternoon a week.


  • Provide a wheelchair for an indigent or poor person who cannot afford it.


  • Volunteer your services at a hospice or where patients are living with Aids.


  • Have patience with patients and spend some time talking with them. Did you know that being patient is a talent but also a virtue?


  • Bring a fresh stack of magazines for the hospital patients once a week.


  • Offer your services at a soup kitchen or a shelter and provide blankets and tinned food and old clothes if you have.


  • If you have an occupation that can help someone, teach it. With education the person is able to find a job. Education is one of the most important things you can give as you will provide a way for people to care for themselves.


  • Join an organization and volunteer your services where you think you can benefit most.


  • Look after babies where working mothers are struggling to survive.


  • Help children with special needs by offering a reading or other educational service one afternoon a week.


  • Help an old lady who lives on her own with a dog and offer to take the dog to the vet to have shots. There are many ways to help. Volunteer because you want to and not because you seek praise.


  • If you are a writer teach someone how to write and introduce them to the joys of reading.


  • If you know of jobs for women who need to earn to support their families without leaving the home, go with them as a reference for the job and help them with the application. There are many ways one can help.


  • Once you commit yourself do not quit; even if it means part-time assistance. People get used to you; keep in touch with them.