The wall behind the children represents the efforts and past events that have occurred in both the physical and spiritual plane, which were overcome, and now they feel safe. The mutual embrace of children means happiness and joy. Success awaits the outcome of their projects to be favorable, but attention should be paid for not trying to change the situation too much.

Right: His appearance in our presentation box is a sign of good omen, good luck, invites us to hope, because it is near the time of a good event, a great event, speaks of a happy marriage, a good humor perhaps a new acquaintance or friend will emerge, the sun signals poetic inspiration in creative endeavors.


Material happiness. Happy marriage or relationship, collaboration. Success. Will power, energy, motivation, inspiration.


In particular: The wishes will be fulfilled and everything will be resolved satisfactorily. In a period of great work: Excellent working conditions with success and triumph. In cash: The revenue flow will be plentiful, as well as business ventures and partnerships .In friendship: good friends with those who enjoy the pleasures of family and life and love. Expect harmony, understanding and unity. Health: Caring for the the body and weight loss is favorable. In lotus tarot alison day the sun tarot card means it is a Period to remember the emotions experienced in love and happiness.

The Sun Card in Reverse in a tarot reading:

With the sun in reverse above all, perhaps due to a breakdown in relationships or a marriage or commitment, predicts a difficult time, we can hardly expect things to be conducive and expect to cancel our plans , lost valuables and monetary lossesn occur with the sun in a reverse position especially in a free llewellyn tarot that tends to focus in finding the source of negative energy .