What is real and what is fantasy? If two people can look at an object, and have different views as to what it is, than who is to say what is actually right and wrong? Well, obviosly what ever the society labels as right, automatically becomes right, regardless of any contradictions. People who condradict the society are labeled as crazy. Thats what is funny about the human mind, it simply has the most unique ability to label things out of its own creation. For example, a scientist. Does he really know any more about fire than a caveman? (This is obviously hypothetically speaking of course but stay with me here.) A caveman would view the fire as simply a fire, a gift from god. He labels it so basically. Now all a scientist is capable of doing is breaking down the fire, labeling each component of the fire very specifically untill it is known as science.

You see, the mind is just a big chaos theory so to say. All of the things we pick up from childhood stay with us forever. If someone was 18 they store 18 years of random events in their mind or into their subconious mind. All of these random events run through the subconscious mind creating the individuals personality, and character. Thats why the cave man was unable to label the fire as specifically as the scientist, because the scientest has more memories and experiences running through his mind than the caveman. I mean think about it. What is a thought or an epiphany? It is when all of those random thoughts and events stored up randomly collide creating thoughts which lead to more thoughts which leads to more thoughts which leads to more thoughts, explaining how when we learn something, theres is always something new to be learned (Similiar characteristics of the big bang theory which would further my argument of the mind being chaotic) which can be linked together by the brain. This is where all humans source of "Intelligence" comes from. The only thing that seperates us from animals is our ability to remember, and store events from the past into our subconcious.

People often try to control their emotions and be happy everyday. but if the mind really was chaotic then there would be an infinite number of factors to be controlled by the mind in order to acheive the desired emotion. This is why no matter how hard we try, we still can not control our emotions. (Some people go crazy in this pursuit of perfection) Because all it takes is for one random memory from our past to trigger a different emotional response. A random memory that may be accessed by physicall or mental means or by any other means, which are impossible to predict, therfore proving that the mind is chaotic

The whole point of society is to make sure everything runs smoothly and orderly day after day after day. No random events, but it is funny, because, when you think about it, one little thing could trigger the perfect balance of our society. That is when something happenes, proving that there is no such thing as containing a chaotic order. Our minds just are not ment to be like machines, but is that what we as a society, are trying to accomplish?