Knitting is an addictive hobby that millions of people enjoy. It is easy enough to get started with your first knitting project. You really only need a few supplies and a few basic stitches and you will be quickly on your way. As your projects grow in complexity there are several different types of tools that you should keep nearby in order to simplify the process.


One set of knitting needles will get you started on your first project. A pair of basic knitting needles will likely be made out of plastic or metal. Many knitters prefer wooden needles because they are much lighter and easier to work with. While there is a wide selection of wooden needles available they typically will cost slightly more.

In addition to your basic knitting needles you will also come across circular needles. This will allow you to cast on a far greater number of stitches than your standard needles. If your project requires "knitting in the round" you will likely need circular needles to complete it!

Keep in mind there are several different sizes of each style of knitting needle. Depending on the yarn you select for the project and the way you knit it may be necessary to purchase a variety of sizes to complete a selection of different projects!


Over the years you will notice that you accumulate a pile of knitting needles. If you look at the ends of the needles most are clearly marked with their corresponding size. It never fails that you end up with at least one pair that aren't marked. If you have a needle gauge all you have to do is insert the needle into the appropriately sized hole in order to determine what size it is.

Row Counters

A row counter is a small little device that you slide to the bottom of a knitting needle. Each time you complete a row you can mark it off on the counter. This will prevent you from losing count of rows in order to ensure your knitting project comes out correctly! If you pick just a single knitting tool to purchase this is going to be the one you want to select!

Measuring Devices

You will likely need to keep either a tape measure or a ruler nearby when you are knitting. Investing in a cloth tape measure is very useful if you like to knit clothing. A hard ruler is an accurate way to measure each swatch you knit to ensure that your gauge matches the pattern.

Yarn Needle

Some knitting projects will produce multiple pieces that need to be sewn together when they are completed. Invest in a yarn needle if you want to achieve the best results. Yarn needles typically have large eyes so they are easy to thread. This type of needle will also have a blunt end so you don't have to worry about it snagging your yarn!