Never ask for directions again!

With an ever changing landscape the nuvi 1450LMT offers a lifetime of maps and traffic updates, multiple point routing, lane assistance, and much more for FREE! That means a lifetime of map updates which would normally cost you $80 a year.

Nuvi 1450LMTCredit: amazon.comThe 5 inch touchscreen display is bright and clear with brilliant colors. Not only does it make it easy to see where you are driving but also what you are touching on the LCD screen. You can also get turn-by-turn directions. You can touch the LCD screen, look for addresses or services and are voice-prompted with the street names to your destination. The nuvi 1450LMT comes pre-loaded with almost 6 million places of interest. You can view the maps in either 2-D or 3-D and will give you the speed limits for most of the roads in the US and even Eruope. 

In addition to all your navigational tools, the nuvi 1450LMT includes a JPEG viewer, world travel clock with time zones, a currency converter, measurement converter, calculator, and more.

Who doesn’t want to find the most economical way to get from A to B?

The coolest thing about the nuvi 1450LMT is the ecoRoute finder. This is a feature that shows you the most fuel-efficient route with gas-mileage tracking. This way you can drive and know you are saving money and making a lesser impact on your global footprint.

While driving with the nuvi 1450LMT the LCD screen displays a thin blue line which they named "Breadcrumbs". This blue line shows the path you've traveled. This may not mean much until you are lost and driving in circles.

It even has a satellite view option. This will allow you to see your GPS location, with speed traveled, your elevation, and the signal strength of the GPS satellites. How cool is that! In addition the GPS unit comes with a slot for a plug-in microSD card.

If you are worried about theft of the 1450LMT, you can activate the Garmin Lock; an anti-theft feature which requires either a 4-digit pin and/or the unit must be physically brought to a predetermined location.

Another cool little thing found on the 1450LMT is the option to choose between the keyboard view of ABCDEF or QWERTY.

If you are looking for a new GPS navigation system, this is the one to get. You can dish out $320 or go to Amazon and save over 50% ($130) inclusive the "free super saver shipping".