So you are having a hard time ignoring the Ab Wave infomercials on television and want to find out more about it? 

Maybe your thinking about taking the gamble and seeing what it can do for you, it does look tempting, sitting down on a swing like contraption and getting fit!

Buying anything off of the television is really divisive on people's emotions. Part of you wants it and the other part knows that you are getting taken for a ride. Maybe they are getting married soon and want to look good, or maybe they have just bought a pair of new scales!

Ab wave from the sideCredit: Christopher D Brown

After any exercise equipment has been on television for over a month, the second-hand market's inundated with them. Browsing through the internet you can find them being sold for half the price. 

The Ab Wave doesn't look like much, just some steel rails and a seat. Easy enough to put together and get started, all of which took around 5 minutes.

The legs just clip where they're marked, and there are some bolts which attach the handles that need screwing in (with the allen key provided). Then the back rest is easy to put together and the timer just clips in.

Using the Ab Wave is kinda fun, the action you do on the machine is going left to right, when you are comfortable you swing your body around as you move, kind of like your skiing down a mountain. Your not busting your gut on the floor either like doing crunches and other abdominal exercises.

The Ab Wave is a little loud, you do have to turn the television up if your going to watch TV and exercise, it also moves around on a hardwood floor when you're using it but other than that, it is FUN!

It's not roller coaster exciting, but it is fun. The timer tells you how many calories you burned and how long you have been on the machine for, which helps keep track of your exercise habits. (The timer on our Ab Wave broke after the first week of using it which made tracking your usage a lot harder.)

You can use Ab Wave every day, there's no need to rest and it can get contagious between family members which encourages you to use it. And as funny as it sounds, it does feel like its working.

In my personal experience, in the last few weeks I have lost 3 kilograms and I can feel it working around my abdominal region. I'm no Mr Olympia, but if the Ab wave can help me lose a few excess kilograms and give me a stronger core, I'll keep using it.

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