The oil spill

The dictionary defines an oil spill as a release of liquid petroleum hydrocarbon into the environment due to human activity, and a form of pollution. As concise as that definition is it can't begin to cover the depths of the effect on the environment, and the people it happens to. Countless numbers of fishermen and restaurant owners are the first to feel the sting of what this not-so natural disaster. However, it's not just those whose lives are directly dependant on the health of the local marine lives that are hit. The gulf coast is greatly dependant on tourism, and the influx of people who move to be closer to the beach. As a result there will be no more need of new houses to be built, because there won't be any new people in town to move in. There won't be as much of a need for hospitality workers because there won't be hungry tourists. Of course there won't be any need for jet ski's because no one wants to jet ski in oil.
As of right now the weather is the deciding factor in where the oil is, and where it is heading in the long run. Some meteorologists even speculate that a hurricane could do some good in helping with the biodegrading of the oil as it would get churned up in the water. However, as of right now the oil isn't going anywhere for a very long time. Most people speculate that at the very least several years before the gulf coast will return to any sense of normalcy. As of right now June 9th there isn't an effective way to stop the oil and speculators are estimating September is the earliest to hope for a permanent fix for the oil spill.
President Obama is doing his best to remedy the situation. The president is making another appearance along the gulf coast to try and walk a mile in the locals shoes. He and the rest of the democrats in congress are trying to blame everything on republicans and BP. Well, at least they got it half right. Without a doubt BP is to blame it was there rig and it's there fault its broken. The only thing they can do is throw tons of money at it until it's fixed. However, that won't save the handful of workers that died on the rig or the 1,000 or so animals that where innocent casualties in this disaster.
So as it is right now the future is bleak for all those living along the Gulf Coast we don't care who fixes it republicans, democrats, Kevin Costner, James Cameron, or even Lady Gaga. Just get it fixed so we can get back to just having to worry about hurricanes please.