If you go to websites like, you are literally bombarded with advertisements about the most revolutionary supplements.  Most of these products are unnecessary and pure marketing. They are also overpriced, often at prices like 60 dollars. The whole bodybuilding industry thrives on the sale of supplements; it is the only reason why this industry is so huge.  However there are only a few supplements you will really need to become ripped and these will be discussed in this article.

Six parts of nutrition

There are six categories of nutrition that are necessary to build muscle and develop a ripped physique.  These are the following:

Pre-Workout Boosters

Pre-workout boosters really do work. They are not very good for your health, because they contain much caffeine and other junk. However they will give you can incredible energy rush for an hour or so, and this will indeed help you to lift more iron. The best pre-workout booster is Jack3d, because with Jack3d you get the most quality for the lowest price.


Whey is important too. Whey is mandatory, mainly because the protein from whey is processed by the body very quickly and you will need this especially in the morning and just after the training. Just eating protein rich food will not do then.  However all other times of the day, you should instead eat a good meal.


Nuts give you incredible energy. And they are much healthier than the pre-workout boosters. Therefore it is recommended to consume some nuts just before training.


The best is to eat a wide range of protein each day. So do not only eat meat and nuts, but also fish. You can eat two pieces of salmon after the training; it is one of the best sources of protein.


Consume the following daily:

  • Liver cod oil capsules
  • Vitamin D
  • Multivitamin


Organic meat

Last but not least: meat. It does not matter what you choose but best are chicken, beef and turkey. What does matter is that it should be organic. Non-organic meat is full of garbage and will make you bigger, but this meat is not good for your general health. The only problem with organic meat is that it is relatively expensive, but it is worth it!

These are all sources of food you will need, to become ripped and develop a beautiful body. Try to consume something of all six categories each day.