There are both positive and negative impacts of the industrial revolution in the United States.  I believe that positives outlaw the negatives because the Industrial revolution had a good powerful effect of America.  Some positives include the Iron law of wages, the American system of manufacturing, factory system, Lowell textile mills and girls, tenements, and Mill communities.  The negatives include being a Proletariat, stretching out, speeding up.

 One positive was the American system of manufacturing that allowed America to efficiently make items in factories by the bulk. The factory system was an efficient way to make a lot of products at a cheap price.  The factory system gave women their first opportunity to work.  The Lowell Textile Mills was the first place a woman could work.  Lowell Mill Girls worked for a very low price and long hours.  According to the lecture about Lowell Mills Girls hey did this by choice to make their own income for dowries and other living expenses.  This made the Lowell Mills Girls a positive in the industrial revolution. The lecture also mentions this was an opportunity for the first time a single women could have some independence.  The Iron law of wages was another positive because it allowed people to be paid at a fair rate. According to the textbook another great positive is that tenements began to form (Murrin 309). People started building little neighborhoods around the working places so it was more convenient for them to get there to work.  Mill communities benefited both the workers and the big companies. 

There are a few negatives to the industrialization of the United States.  The Proletariat, or lower class were forced to work long hours at low wages.  The Iron law of wages helped the wages a little bit, but did not help the hours.  According to the lecture women were paid the least amount of money.  The stretching out process was something the laborers would do to make more money.  They would do a job they knew how to do fast a little slower so they could make more money.  The businesses always wanted them to speed up so they could do the most amount of work in the least amount of time.  Therefore paying the workers less money for doing the same amount of work. 

In conclusion the positives of the industrialization of America I believe were much greater than the negatives.  The negatives of the industrialization are still not completely worked out today but I feel they are much better than they were before back in the time of 1700’s and 1800’s.  The biggest positive of the industrialization to be is that it gave women a right to work.  Without the industrial revolution we would not be the developed country we are today.