I started to believe in the power of positive thinking years ago, when I was still a teenager. At that time I read a book “The Power of Positive Thinking” by Norman Vincent Peale. The book really inspired me and I was practicing the methods for a long time. I felt better and I became more positive. Since that time the market of positive thinking increased enormously. Today everybody is talking about the positive thinking and how we can transform everything in our world just by setting up our mind properly. Having an abundance of books, internet articles, and websites about positive thinking available, anybody can find out how to use it for their own benefits. But there is one author that stands out from the rest. Dr. Joe Vitale.

I first heard about Dr. Joe Vitale when I browsed the CD books in the Library. His Attractor Factor CD made me curious. I took it home and listened to it. To my surprise this wasn't just another positive thinking idea, but it was a very special positive thinking idea! Dr. Joe Vitale claims that we can transform our lives, we can attract the money; restore our health only by thinking positive.
Why is this idea so different than others?
Normally the positive thinking ideas would give the recipe for happier life: We set our mind on positive and see everything in a "glass half full" perspective. By that theory we can endure bad things that happen to us easier, or we bear the burden of our disease easier. Dr. Joe Vitale goes further. He says not only that, but also that we create our future!

He even says that we have to think like God. Idea of thinking like God for me, being a Christian, was at first like a sacrilege. We are not God, and we can't be. That doesn't go with what I have been thought. But thinking about it more, it really makes sense. 

Dr. Joe Vitale is not saying that you are God, but think like God. Meaning: think in the given situation what would God do. Well, a slight critique on this: we can't possible know what God would think, but we can try to figure it out. We can say, well, I think God would do this and that, but truly, we can't really know if that's what God would do.

However, carefully studying the Bible, a reader can notice common theme all through the New Testament: Believe and have faith! In the Story of the Mustard Seed Jesus even says if you have a faith as small as a Mustard seed you can do anything.

Okay, but how does this apply to Dr. Vitale?

The main point of Dr. Vitale's philosophy is believing. If you don't believe in what you are saying or trying to do, it won't happen. On the other hand if you believe in your goals they will materialize; regardless if our goal is money, health or better relationship. We can make it happen by believing in it.

Dr. Vitale is not a priest and I don't know if he is a Christian or not, but he is talking about the same things as Jesus did: power of believing; power of having faith.

Despite “think like God idea” I still find Dr. Vitale's philosophy very close to Christian philosophy, at least in some aspects. As I mentioned one is believing but the other one is Love. Love, basic of Christian world, is another point that Dr. Vitale makes clear. It's all about doing good things and doing them out of love.

Dr. Joe Vitale is not trying to be a spiritual leader, but he knowingly or unknowingly talks about some basic Christian values. Of course, we don't need to call this values Christian at all, because these are the basic values that we all know, regardless if we belong to any denomination or not. At the end of the day everybody knows the same core values and following them increases the quality of life and our happiness. But at the same time these are the values that Christian world promotes.

Dr. Joe Vitale is reminding us of a basic rule, that somehow during the centuries people forgot (but it was present in the old cultures), that we need to be simple and just believe. This goes against the saying that “seeing is believing”; meaning that when I see things happening I will believe. Dr. Vitale turns this around and claims that when we believe we will see.

Dr. Joe Vitale managed to incorporate a few of the teachings of the Bible in his work although his philosophy also promotes other spiritual traditions and techniques.