Real Christmas tree


Look great

Smell lovely to some




Smell awful to some people

Can create mess

Need some care

Disposal after Christmas

Allergic reaction in some people.

Sharp and painful needles.

Pricey if just for one Christmas

Full Review

Most of us think that a real Christmas tree is traditional. In some ways this is strange as, this seems to apply whether that was the type you had as a child or not.

Real Christmas trees evoke nostalgia and a warm, homely Christmas feel but of course there are both advantages and disadvantages to such trees. Here are a few of the pros and cons which may help you to make your final decision.

The pros to buying a real Christmas tree.

The price

Real Christmas trees are usually considerably cheaper than good artificial trees. However they can only be used for one year, of course. It is possible to buy a tree that can be planted out after Christmas, and used again the next year, though. However, sometimes such trees do not survive and they do cost more.

Add to the ambience of your home

Real Christmas trees add to the good feeling of your home. They are traditional, evoke nostalgia and usually make everyone feel full of Christmas cheer.

The aroma

Real Christmas trees have a distinct aroma all of their own. It smells of Christmas, the great outdoors and more.


As a real Christmas tree was a living, growing thing it will have a very individual style. The branches will not be formally stuck out but will randomly jut out here and there.

Look fabulous

On the whole real Christmas trees look fabulous. Once decorated they just have that extra something, which means that they beat artificial trees hands down.

The cons of a real Christmas tree then:-

Getting your tree home.

Depending on the size of your Christmas tree it can be a real pain getting such a tree home. Of course you may be able to have it delivered but this will cost you.

Caring for your tree

As a living thing your tree will need some care. If you do not water it at all, by New year's Day your tree may be little more than a bundle of dead, bare branches.

Erecting and decorating your real tree.

Expect to be stabbed, scratched and become very dirty as you decorate your tree. It may lean a little if you have not picked your tree well. If you suffer from allergies a real Christmas tree could add to your health problems.

The mess

If you pick your real tree well, and remember to care for it, the pine needles may not drop significantly. However, they may drop here, there and everywhere. Simply a dog walking past and wagging its tail, against the tree, may leave a heap of pine needles on your floor covering. Pine needles are terrible to clear away.


Unless you are able to plant your tree out after Christmas you will be faced with disposing of it. You could cut it into small pieces, for compost, but this takes time. Check out your local council for recycling tips and advice.

In Closing

Real Christmas trees have a lot to offer. If you want a tree which you can decorate and forget about perhaps a real tree is not for you. Bear in mind also that a real tree will inevitably demand more vaccuming to keep the amount of dropped pine needles down.

Real Christmas trees are better value than ever before so research the right tree for you.