Silver decorated artificial Christmas tree



Good value in the long run.

Many sizes, colours and shapes.

Easy to assemble and decorate.

Use year after year.


Smell free

Long lasting


Regimented shapes

Some look very artificial

No aroma

Initial cost

Full Review

You may have decided years ago which sort of Christmas Tree is for you. However, for many people it is still yet one more decision to be made about Christmas, that is, whether to have a real or an artificial Christmas Tree. There are pros and cons to both of course.

Here are the main pros and cons to having an artificial or fake Christmas Tree.

Let's start with the cons:-

The Tree's appearance

Artificial Christmas Trees have come a long way in recent years. Many years ago they were sparse and looked totally fake. These days there are various artificial trees. Some such as white, pink or black Christmas trees obviously look artificial and are more a fashion or design statement.

However, there are many great artificial Christmas trees which look good. You can choose from slim-line to big and bushy and there is plenty of choice, especially over the height size. Some of these trees are designed to represent particular trees and they imitate them well.

Aroma free

Although this could be an advantage, for people with allergies, most people love the smell of a real Christmas Tree. Sadly, as yet, artificial Christmas trees are not supplied with an added scent. They may be in years to come though.

Standard shape and size

Although the shape and overall size may vary, most artificial Christmas trees are fairly standard size. Real trees usually have uneven branches and this adds to their appeal.

Artificial Christmas trees can be pricey

Fake Christmas trees can be quite pricey. Of course, you have to take into account that they can last for years. However, especially if you are not happy with your artificial tree, longevity may not be desireable.

In order for this purchase to be cost effective ensure that you have chosen an artificial Christmas tree that suits your current needs and those for the years to come.

The base.

The base of an artificial Christmmas tree usually looks awkward. However good the tree looks the base may let its appearance down. This is easy to solve though with a circular cover or skirt that fits over the base. Alternatively stack your presents around this base.

On to the pros then:-

No messy pine needles to clear up.

Even if your real tree does not drop significant amounts of pine needles it will drop some. You may find that even in June the following year, there are the odd pine needles in your carpets.

The tree's appearance.

This fits into the pros as well as the cons as the design features are what will appeal to some consumers.

Ease of assembly and decoration.

Most artificial Christmas Trees are easily assembled and decorated. There will be no sharp needles either dropping on the floor, scratching your arms or sticking in your fingers as you decorate this tree. After Christmas the tree will usually fold down into quite a small box for storage. This also helps the environement as there is no real tree to dispose of.

You can buy artificial Christmas trees that are pre-lit and already decorated.

These trees are very convenient and will help those struggling to make ends meet.

Easy to get home after purchase.

Artificial Christmas trees are packaged so that they are easy to carry home. With minimum effort the tree will be assembled and decorated. This tree needs no further care throughout the holidays. It will look good no matter how long you leave it on display.

In Closing

When all is said and done the choice is yours. Consider your budget first. If this allows either a real or artificial Christmas tree think about the look you want to achieve,

If you are trying to create a traditional Christmas with scents and aromas go for a real Tree.

If you want a great looking tree, with convenience and good value thrown in, then perhaps an artificial Christmas tree is for you.