The Virtual Assistant industry (VA for short) is not a new industry. It is an industry which over the years has been growing. Working as a Virtual Assistant does allow you to work from home but don't confuse it with other work-from-home opportunities. If you are a Virtual Assistant you will not be an employee but will be self-employed and your own boss.

Here are a few of the pro's of the VA industry:

1. It does not cost a lot to start up this business.
2. This is a rising industry and more and more businesses are choosing to opt to work with a VA rather then hire more office staff
3. You work as an equal partner with businesses and are not treated like an employee
4. You get the chance to work from the comfort of your own home
5. You have the flexibility to choose your own hours
6. You can even decide how much you will charge per assignment
7. Businesses need the skills and knowledge of experienced workers like you. Your skills are always in demand.

You can charge as much as you like but it will depend on the services you are offering. This is a lucrative business that is attracting a lot of work-at-homers. To learn more visit