This hydroponic DIY project makes a nice weekend project.

Starting a hydroponics garden can be a fun and rewarding adventure that will supply you with garden fresh vegetables year-round. It is not hard or time-consuming to start a hydroponic DIY project on the weekend, or in the evening. These instructions will teach you how to build a simple but powerful water garden that will have you up and running in no time.

Stealth Hydroponics DWC Basic KitCredit: Amazon

Complete Hydroponic DIY Kit

Here is a list of supplies that you will need for your hydroponic DIY project:

1. Plastic Storage Container

You can buy these at most department stores. It doesn’t really matter what size you choose, but I recommend getting at least a 35 quart sized container. Make sure the plastic container is water tight because it is going to be the reservoir holding the water and fertilizer. Make sure you get a container that is shallow to help reduce the amount of water that you will need for the system.

2. Plastic Cups

 The cups will hold the plants while they grow. Big cups can handle more roots, and should be used for bigger plants. Make sure you bet cups with a rim at the top, and buy cups that are smaller than the plastic storage container is tall.

Hydroponic Net CupCredit: Amazon

 Net Cup for Hydroponic DIY projects

They make holding cups that are designed for hydroponics that you could buy instead of drinking cups. These special cups will save you some time and allow you to skip a step with your hydroponic DIY project.

3. Aquarium Air Pump, Tubing, and an Air Stone

Needless to say, all of these items should be available at your local pet store. These will supply oxygen to the roots of the plants. You don't need a huge air pump, a 10 gallon pump will be more than enough for this hydroponic DIY system.

Air StoneCredit: Amazon

4. Growing Medium

There are several types of materials available that you can use. When choosing your planting medium, make sure that you don’t get something that floats in the water; otherwise you will run into problems.

5. Knife or Self Feed Drill Bit and Drill

You are going to need to cut some holes on the lid of the plastic container lid. If you have a drill bit that is big enough for the job then you should use it, otherwise you will need to cut out holes with a knife which will take a little longer.

6. Plants and Fertilizer

Of course you are going to need some plants to put into your water garden, otherwise there would be no need for this hydroponic DIY project. Be careful when choosing fertilizer because not all of them contain all of the micro nutrients such as Miracle Grow. The fertilizer needs to be water-soluble and should contain all the micro nutrients that the plants need.

General Hydroponics Flora Series QT - FloraGro, FloraBloom, and FloraMicroCredit: Amazon

7. Water

DON’T USE TAP WATER!!! The reason is because cities generally add a bunch of stuff to the water that throws the waters PH out of whack. This in turn can prevent the plants from absorbing necessary nutrients that can be hard to trouble shoot if the plants begin to show signs of problems. Instead you should use distilled water, or at least some really good filtered water.

8. PPM Meter and PH kit

PPM MeterCredit: Amazon

PPM is short for Parts Per Million, a PPM meter is used to check how much fertilizer is in the water. As far as the PH kit, do not use a meter because they can go out of calibration without warning causing you to change the waters PH when it is not necessary. It is better to use phenol red to test the waters PH because it is more accurate.


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