natural health

Using the power of nature to help you in your business

This morning I went for perhaps what is considered an unconventional business brainstorming meeting. We met at a local coffee shop, picked up a takeaway and headed off for a walk through the woods. Inspite of the light drizzle that appears to be dampening our UK summer, the air was warm and comfortable and under the canopy of trees we remained dry.

We do this regularly and this is why.

My partner and I both run individual businesses. He a personal trainer and myself a homeopath and massage therapist/tutor. For those of you whom are self employed out there, you come across times whereby you find you are in need of motivation and inspiration. Perhaps it's marketing your business that's proving difficult, or maybe challenging clients that are draining your energy. Either way sometimes you may feel like you have run out of ideas and are in need of bringing things back into focus. And for me, there is nothing quite like the uplifting effect of being out in nature to help you.

Gently strolling along quiet pathways, surrounded by the extraordinary range of greens that are bursting from the trees and shrubs that only nature can create, you can gradually feel yourself relaxing. That deep breath you subconsciously take comes when you begin to feel at ease and you are away from the hustle of your everyday life. And as the high energy of the woodland is picked up by your own, that is when the thoughts flow, the problems are resolved and the new ideas begin. This mornings outdoor meeting in fact solved a client quandry, allowed me some clarity as to why certain situations were arrising and fueled an afternoon of productivity instead of the counterproductive, focusless 'busy' I can find myself doing!

The idea that plants and trees can have a positive effect on you is not a new one, but one that sometimes we need to be reminded of. If you are lucky enough to work in an area where you have easy access to green spaces, use them. Fill your lunch hour with them, take your meetings out in them and don't take them for granted. If you need to travel to find some, then do so. It will be time well spent for your health, your creativity, your problem solving and your sanity!

Taking an hour out of your day maybe once or twice a week, or even more so if you are really stuck, to reconnect with nature will help you in more ways than I can possibly describe. Some of what happens is unexplainable, you can enter perhaps a park or wood with many troubles on your mind, be they business related or otherwise and leave there with a sense of clarity and purpose. Some of my best ideas have followed a wander out in the park and I know it's because my energy has been raised by the surroundings, allowing a quietening of the mundane chatter that goes on in your head and a chance for the answers in you to be heard.

Whatever your beliefs may be around energies, the next time you find yourself in a quandry, a little stuck in your creativity or just feeling low, take time out to be surrounded in a little greenery. You may just be amazed at what you may achieve afterwards.