The retro style for the youngsters!

the tips how to wear "retro"

The retro style dresses are now more than just actual. Runways inspired us to look for our personal époque. The celebs on the Red Carpet cause the same effect.

Last year Cavalli produced collections of collections styled as Art-deco and 1920’s styles. Marc Jacobs inspired with the late 70’s and early 80’s. John Galliano fashion House produced Victorian inspired fashions… I can continue this list happily ever after. But let’s focus on the main question: how to dress retro.

Here is the difference between the wearing the vintage items and retro items. You can complete your look wearing only vintage and look truly modern. And, controversially, wearing only neo-vintage (vintage inspired collections) you may look really retro!

Here is another trick: you can remake the old vintage items to invent something extra original.

For example, you are going to the expo of retro cars. The sequent question: what to wear? The very place must “drive at” the style of your retro look.

You can check the grannies blouses, go to flea markets or find a perfect fashions at ebay! Let’s assume you find a perfect clutch or handbag styled as the early 50’s. It will go with any modern set but we may do much more interesting. You can pick up a perfect woolen pullover and a dark skirt finishing at your knee line. Here you are: your perfect retro look is ready to go!

If you want to be up to the retro glam look you can look through Google pictures using “retro fashion”,”1920’s style dresses”, “vintage fashion”, “Victorian fashion” (etc) requests. Or if you are a happy possessor of the retro magazines you can draw your inspiration from the once printed pages.

Still you shouldn’t forget it is already 2012 so you can give several accents to modernity using, let’s say, modern accessories or the perfect modern shoes. Everything must look non-vulgar yet very creative and awesome!

If you were invited to a party in retro style you can please the surrounding people using even better attires! Most gals prefer the 1920’s styled dresses. And they do right! Dresses and skirts of guipure, silk tops with V-necklines or bare backs will go perfect. Look again at Cavalli’s last collections of evening wear! Most preferable colors are black, beige, blue, and lavender. Trimmings should be made of sequins, feathers, beads (Egyptian inspired art-deco style), velvet (Old Hollywood) or sexy silver looks.  Such looks will come out both vintageous and sexy.

If you purchased the truly vintage items some gals prefer redoing them. Yet everything depends on your fantasy. Still remember: there is a wide choice of special prints, beads, embroidery stencils, dyes, ribbons now. Everything will do. 

If you still insist on wearing something extra and more than just extra-ordinary you can still prefer the fashion of the 40’s. Feather-styled skirts finishing at the knee line, puffy sleeves, unbelievable number of handbags and clutches, gloves and, of course, hats, modest yet very sexy hairstyles. And you cannot do without the high-heeled shoes.

Any gals’ dresses in the 40’s style may attract only deluxe boy. She is the “glam” herself! If you go to the first-night matinee such look will go like no other! Be sure: all eyes will be on and around you!

In order not to look affected pathos and be still the modern gal you should pick up the perfect panty hoses with the modern prints on them. Or you can also pick up a whimsical modern brooch for your blouse.


Do not forget to look through the grannies photo albums, Google pictures styled as retro and, of course, Vogue retro inspired photo shoots. All the aforementioned means will help you much with creating your perfect retro style!

Happy retro looks to you!