The Vent Visor or Vent ShadeAn Auto Vent Visor

What was once considered a pretty dorky accessory by many is now making a terrific comeback thanks to new product advances. With better materials, better designs, more color options, and so on - the 21st century Vent Visor or Vent Shade is looking good! They look like they belong on the trucks and cars of today, and are available in a dark smoke color or in a version that can be painted to match the vehicle. All pretty cool!

While the term Vent Visor sounds like something from the 50's, they do serve a similar function to our interior windshield visors. Instead of blocking the sun, they block the rain from bothering us. Often called Rain Guards or Window Deflectors, there main job is to allow you to have your window partially open while you drive, and keep the rain or snow from getting in. It let's fresh air in and keeps the elements out! Popular in the 50's – still works today!

Made from a tough acrylic, they are virtually indestructible, while styling up your exterior window area. Manufactured by such industry leaders as AVS, Wade, EGR, WeatherTech, and more, they mount along the front and top edge of your car's exterior side windows. Made vehicle specific for you, installation is a snap. An added bonus is that these little vent visors seem pretty adept at keeping your windows from fogging up when it's muggy or cold.

Generally, these are available in a light or dark smoke color, although you can also find chrome vent visors out there. I think the choice is personal, as they are all sturdy and strong, and built to last. Both the smoke and the chrome create a super nice effect next to any paint color, as well as the door chrome. The vent visors also can be handy if you need to park your vehicle in the heat or the damp with your windows open slightly to let air in. Or hot air escape. They block the elements from getting in, and make it a tough go for someone trying to break in.

Take a wander through the various aftermarket auto webstores, and see what looks good to you. Check out other vehicles like yours next time you're downtown, or walking through a parking lot, or cruising the car shows. You'll get a great idea what will look good on your particular car, truck, van, or SUV. Also nice to actually see these up close and personal in person if you really want to know what they're like. Three cheers and a tip of the cap for the vent visors of the 21st Century that have combined functionality with good looks!