Which Bike is best for you?

In deciding what type of bicycle is right for you the best question to ask your self is what type of "riding" you see you self doing most.

Are you looking for long distance riding on paved roads? A Road bike maybe what you're looking for.

Maybe you're planning to ride some trails and do some off-road riding. A mountain bike maybe better suited for you.

Or perhaps you're not sure if you'll be riding the trail or the paved paths along your ride, a cyclo-cross maybe the compromise you need.

Road Bikes

Road Bikes(76477)
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A Road bike is a light weight, smooth running speed machine.

Choosing this style of bike is most suited to you if you're looking to use a bike for raw performance, they tend to sit rather aggressively and are designed for speed and not so much comfort.

If you're looking to get in shape or become a competitive road racer this is the only choice for you.

Giant and Trek have some of the best options out there for performance road bicycles ranging in prices from $1,500-$13,000.

Mountain Bikes

Mountain Bikes
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Mountain bikes are very strong off-road use bicycles.

If you like adventure and taking yourself to new heights, mountain bikes are prefect for you.

Mountain bikes come in a few different forms, there are Cross country, Free ride, down hill, and recreational, mountain bikes.


recreational mountain bikes are a good all-purpose bike, performing fairly well on both off-road and on road situations. And as with most mountain bikes will be heavier/stronger than is needed for on-road use.

Cross-country bikes are more geared towards the competitive rider, with the light weight frame and components, more gears for climbing large hills and going fast down the hills. A slightly more compromising design in that while they are still strong, the light weight aspect to the cross-country bike does not make it the strongest. However they can be equipped with just front suspension or both front and rear suspension for added dampening and a smoother ride.


Down hill and Free Ride bikes are relatively similar and are fairly specialized bikes. Often featuring both front and rear suspension,  a strong frame design and tough components for taking abuse. These bikes are for those looking to push the limits of body and bike and are great for use at mountain bike resorts such as Whistler blackcomb, which feature many man-made obstacles such as drops, jumps and berms.


Mountain bikes range in price from $200-$8,000


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Cyclo-Cross bikes share the appearance of a road bike, but share some capabilities of a mountain bike. Cyclo-Cross bikes have wider tires than a road bike, that are treaded like a mountain bike. The frame design is stronger and able to handle off-road like a road bike, but gains a little weight when compared to a road bike. The riding position will also be slightly less aggressive than a standard road bike. They are not equiped with suspension, but the design allows for some minor absorption of off-road obstacles.

Prices range from $800-$4,000+