How can a simple rubber energy bracelet improve your balance and make you stronger, fitter and more flexible? Uncover the secrets of the rubber energy bracelets that the stars and athletes are wearing. The idea behind these rubber energy bracelets is that they contain a small Egyptian hologram which, according to the makers, help to optimize the flow of your body's natural energy. By improving your own energy flow, your strength, balance, flexibility and overall energy should increase.

Supposedly worn by Kevin Pietersen the England cricketing superstar, footballer David Beckham and his wife Victoria, Cristiano Ronaldo - another footballing megastar, several high profile NFL and NBA stars such as Shaquille O Neal, F1 driver Rubens Barrichello and UK sprint athlete Mark Lewis-Francis. The energy bracelets are even endorsed by coaches.

But do these Egyptian hologram bracelets work? Shaquille O'Neal says "I don't do a lot of testimonials, but this works" and Rubens Barrichello says "I will never take Power Balance off my body". Barrichello is talking about the most famous brand for these energy bracelets, which is the Power Balance Silicone Wristband. They have been on the bestseller list on under the health category for weeks. At the Queen's Club Tennis Tournament - a famous grass-court tennis tournament used by many tennis pros as a warm-up for Wimbledon, both finalists, Marty Fish and Sam Querrey wore the rubber wristband. Power Balance has been used by many golfers who claim they can pitch further and straighter with the energy bracelet on.

It all seems pretty unreal. That a small piece of rubber containing a teeny tiny little so-called Egyptian hologram would have such startling effects? Wouldn't it seem to be too good to be true - another health and exercise gimmick? To be so good that pro-athletes are not afraid to be seen sporting them on their wrists? How could a simple wristband help improve your balance? For sure, some of their power is due to the placebo effect. Just by believing that something works, that's what makes it work. Power Balance suggest doing this test - stand on one leg and put your arms out to the sides. Get a friend to push down on one arm. If you are not wearing one of their energy wristbands, you are likely to fall down. The second time you try it, put on the Power Balance bracelet and they say you are more likely to stay up as your strength and balance has been improved.

The head of strength and conditioning at Wasps Rugby Club in the UK says their results in the gym with the rubber energy bands has been must better overall than without - players report better performance, not only in an actual competitive rugby match, but in the gym and out on the training pitch. Some even say they have recovered from their injuries better.

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