The s-11-56 Fast Fill

The s-11-56 fast fill, for hot water heating systems, is a piece of equipment that will keep the pressure within a hydronic heating system, at a constant preset psi., or (pounds per square inch). This prevents possible air locking of the pumps.

This apparatus also protects the boiler, by keeping a low water problem from occurring, which could cause cracking, or leaks, in a very expensive part of the hot water heating system.

Boilers today hold very little water. This helps with the high efficiency ratings, now being achieved by manufacturers. Running out of water, can be catastrophic to the appliance. Employing a valve of this nature, will prevent the possibility of this happening.

The purpose of this piece of hydronic equipment, is to maintain a constant supply of available make up water, to a normally closed loop system. If a leak developers within the boiler, or anywhere else in the piping configuration of a hydronic system, the s-11-56 will replace the water lost, with either city water, or well water, whichever is being used by the system.

The valve is adjustable from 0 lbs. to 30 lbs and can be manually adjusted to keep any system within this range. Once the valve has been set, the operation is completely automatic. If a leak occurs, an s-11-56, will open and supply enough new makeup water, to bring the system back to the preset pressure.

S-11-56 fast fills also have a setting for purging the system, which will allow a full flow of available pressure. this will allow the service tech to remove air from a system, by pushing it out with high pressure. This operation is achieved by placing the lever on top of the valve in the straight up position. After the purging is complete and all air has been removed the lever is replaced in the down position and the normal preset pressure is resumed.

Having any leak, large or small in a hydronic heating system, is immediate reason for concern. When water leaks out of the piping or boiler, new water is added by this appliance. Along with the new water are many unwanted minerals and oxidants that corrode the cast iron, that most boilers are made of, quite rapidly.

Heating systems are closed loop systems, meaning that under normal operating conditions, the same water is recirculated and reheated, time and time again. This eventually leads to a distillation process, depositing iron and other corrosive minerals from the water, at the bottom of the boiler. These elements, stay there without causing damage.

When a leak occurs however, new water is added, as well as harmful elements like iron and sulfur and magnesium. This can rapidly decrease the expected longevity of our boiler and other system components. Repairing leaks immediately upon their being noticed, will minimize any possible adverse effects.

The valve in question can be installed anywhere in the piping configuration, usually near the boiler as this will lend to easy operation for a serviceman. It will be installed adding a tee and tying into a city water supply, or the piping that comes from a well. Installation of a ball valve type shutoff, on each side of the s-11-56 is recommended for servicing the valve.

s-11-56-9d Backflow Combo ValveThese valves are now available as a combination fast fill and back flow preventer, as manufacturers have figured out where we need one, we always need the other. This combined unit can save about 30 percent of the purchase price, of individual components and also streamlines the labor to install them, for even more savings. Most local codes require a back flow and the s-11-56 is a necessary element, so it makes sense to get both at once.

Repair kits are available for the s-11-56 and will include new parts to both sustain operating performance and repair any leaking gaskets. Getting a kit is a trip to the plumbing supply near you and rebuilding the valve should be about an hours work for a capable serviceman.

Keeping The s-11-56 Fast Fill For Hot Water Heating Systems, in good functioning condition is important to the longevity of any hydronic system and should be a priority.