The Scandfes - winter

The Scandes of Scandinavia

With one of the most diverse and beautiful landscapes there is, the Scandes rest peacefully at the very top of the world. Stretching 1700 kilometers through Sweden and Norway, this Scandinavian mountain chain is home to a unique nature and some of the most breathtaking landscapes in the world.

Enjoyable year round, the Scandes is a popular target for practically all hikers. With its wide array of trails, ranging from shorter day trips with the option of staying at hostels along the way, to week-long hikes into the wilderness, the Scandes can accommodate hikers of any experience and interest.

As it stretches through several different climate zones, the Scandes is home to a large variety of different climates. Practically any kind of landscape can be found throughout the long mountain chain, from vast glaciers in the north and east, to the great pine forests in the southern parts. Adding to this the widely differing  precipitation between the western and eastern parts, one would be hard pressed finding even two valleys similar to each other anywhere in the Scandes.

In addition to this, Scandinavia is known for its very shifting climate around the year. In fact, the climate changes so much during the course of the year that if you visit the same place in different seasons, it can seem like two completely different worlds.

This phenomenon is especially noticeable in the Scandes, providing ever-changing landscapes throughout the various seasons. And whether you choose to go skiing through the golden, snow-covered valleys during the winter, or a simple hike through the forests during the warmer summer months, the Scandes promise a magical experience.

What separates the Scandinavian mountains even further from other mountain chains is the fact that it's a relatively low mountain chain, with most summits ranging between a few hundred meters to two thousand meters in height. This provides an easy terrain for hikers as it is far less inhospitable than most other mountain chains.

But perhaps the most interesting thing about the Scandes is the animal life. The Scandes houses a huge variety of animals ranging from the majestic moose, to reindeer, to brown bears and foxes. It is, however, still considered one of the safest places on earth when it comes to wildlife, with the only dangerous animal being the bear - and even the bear is extremely unlikely to actually attack humans. Even the snakes are harmless here, with the only toxic snake in Scandinavia being the Huggorm, which poison is not considered dangerous to adults.

And thanks to the extensive allemansrätten (every man's right) in Scandinavia, hiking in the Scandinavian mountains is practically unregulated. No permits are needed anywhere, you're free to set up camp wherever you choose, and the wild berries and mushrooms are free for the picking by any hiker.

All in all, the Scandes makes for a perfect place to hike, and should definitely be visited by anyone who enjoys the great outdoor.