This movie is more magical than the original.It is very inspiring.It also shows what can happen when faith is simply acted upon without regard to the doubters. This movie takes viewers imaginations to new heights.It is captivating and intrinsic.


There are no cons to this movie.Everything necessary is provided in this movie.

Full Review

The adventure continues in this sequel to the Halloweentown Movie. This episode delivers more action,excitement,comedy and magic than the original. This movie will keep its viewers wanting to see more magic and unusual creatures.

Marnie has been learning to use her powers by practicing her witchcraft. When Kal a handsome young boy moves into the neighborhood,she becomes attracted to him. Because she wants to impress him,Marnie shows Kal her grandma's room and secret spellbook.Next, he steals the spellbook. Upon retuning to Halloweentown,Marnie and her grandmother Agatha,become aware that the spellbook is missing.When they try to return from Halloweentown,they discover they have been trapped.Then, Kal's distorted facial image appears along with his voice to taunt them. Next,Marnie confronts Kal about stealing the spellbook of which, he admittedly took. Kal confesses that stealing the book was always his plan.Also,he wanted to lure them to Halloweentown ,so that he may carry out his plans without interference. Kal also reveals that,he is a warlock. Kal informs Marnie and Agatha that, this is only the beginning of his plans.

Once again Marnie and Agatha find themselves fighting another powerful force that threatens the society of Halloweentown and the human world. In this battle,Marnie learns to believe in herself.Marnie also discovers that having a strong desire,while using her powers,can help her accomplish the seemingly impossible

In Closing

This is a wonderful movie. It is a sequel that can stand independent of the prior movie. It shows how much creativity was used in making this film. It is extraordinary and can not be over rated.I recommend that this movie be seen by all.