When you're looking for a gift that's certain to be appreciated, a sterling silver heart locket is as much of a "sure thing" as you can choose. That's because both silver jewelry and heart shaped jewelry are two of the most popular types of jewelry that are widely available. But if if the lady you're buying for already has necklaces galore, other types of silver heart jewelry are readily available and here are some tips to help you decide on a heart locket or one of the alternatives.

First of all, silver jewelry in particular has never been more popular. Silver's physical attributes allow it to be made into a limitless assortment of jewelry items from dainty silver heart earrings to heavy bangles and chains. The shade of silver grants it the appearance of ultra-fashionable platinum or white gold with a fraction of the cost. Sterling silver provides a perfect setting for virtually any variety of gems rendering it an ideal choice for reasonably priced heart rings, pendants and earrings showcasing either precious or semi-precious gems. A range of birthstones including topaz, peridot and amethyst frequently feature in dazzling sterling silver heart jewelry pieces, including that beautiful silver heart locket. In the present day, artificial and created jewels look so good that once set in silver they can look as if they cost a fortune.

Next, what type of heart jewelry is preferable? The heart shaped diamond pendant is definitely an extremely fashionable theme right now and genuine diamonds are frequently the most desirable of precious stones. Diamond pendants are second only to diamond engagement rings in the popularity stakes. With a diamond heart pendant, the gemstones aren't necessarily themselves heart shaped but the gold or silver heart shaped pendant is set with a single larger sized or numerous small shimmering gemstones. If price is a problem, you can opt for an equally effective look by having a silver heart shaped pendant embellished with artificial gems.

Alternatively, some people believe that antique jewelry, maybe even gold, can be an exceptional investment. A piece of vintage heart design jewelry is a superb gift for someone special. At present, the price of gold is at an all time high, which in turn has increased the demand for vintage and old gold jewelry as it may offer you much better value. The price of second-hand gold jewelry might be up to one third cheaper over a similar piece that is brand new. Another benefit could be that the level of quality of an antique jewelry item can often be substantially superior to its contemporary equivalent. The same does not always apply to gem-set jewelry as modern diamond cutting techniques are much more advanced than they were during the times that antique jewelry was produced a hundred or so years ago.

But if you want something that's more affordable, a sterling silver or gold charm bracelet or a heart locket necklace are superb gifts for a girl that she's going to treasure forever. If she already has a heart necklace, maybe she would prefer a heart charm bracelet. Charm bracelets are experiencing a trend setting revival because they are Hollywood favorites. The traditional locked heart is the must have accessory to the classic style of charm bracelet in which charms are added progressively with time. This design allows you to buy gifts for that girl in future since she will want to acquire new charms to enhance her collection. Then again, the new generation of beautiful heart charm bracelets contains a number of charms actually in position and this can be a leading selection for the trend conscious young woman. But if she doesn't already have one, a sterling sliver heart locket enables you to include either an engraved inscription with a loving message or a photo inside the locket, or both.

Whatever your choice, rest assured that with the combination of the heart shape and silver jewelry, a sterling silver heart locket or one of the many alternatives will be a winning gift.