This article is about the story of the giant tree in Mr Ben’s garden and how it will help you sharpens your career, build the best business ever, whether online or offline.

When I grow up, one of my friend’s father was working for Mr Ben as a Gardner and for years he took very good care of Mr. Ben’s garden, this including planting and watering trees, flowers and trimming the grass. Mr Ben’s garden was so beautiful and neat with a giant trees at the corner few metres away from the swimming pool. So one day, my friend’s father took me and my friend to his work and when we get there, we where so happy to see what my friend’s father has done to Mr. Ben’s garden. But Even though the garden was so beautiful and neat, one thing that captured my attention was this giant tree next to the pool; it was so huge and well trimmed. I asked my friends father about the tree, how it was planted and how long it took to be that huge. He’s showed me the small seed and then told me that is the seed to plant for that tree and it took him about one year of constantly watering and taking the care of the tree and then after one year, the tree grows without been watered, he only trimmed the tree to look beautiful and the tree was about 7 years old by then.

I was so surprised that such a small seed can produce the tree as big as that. After our talk, he gave me the seed. I was so excited and when I get home, I planted the seed and watered it each and everyday. I would water the seed before going to school. This went on for quit a long time. After 1 year, I stopped watering the tree and I was so excited to see the tree grows well but not as I expected. I gave the tree some times to grow even further, but even after 10 years, the tree was not as huge as Mr. Ben’s tree.

What went wrong?

I will tell you what went wrong. When I planted that seed, I didn’t find the right spot to plant the tree; I didn’t follow the correct ways of taking good care of the tree. I just assumed that the tree will grow well everywhere it will be planted. This is what is happening to most of us, we have great business ideas, great dreams and visions. But when we start working or implementing our ideas we go the wrong way, we don’t take time to find the right ways of doing what we do. Even if we have great ideas, they fail because of this.

I challenge you today think about your business, career, dreams and visions. Are you going the right way, is your business growing. If not, start searching for the right ways and you’ll see what will happen.