The computer system and the adoption of the existing information to all areas of your business are important components of CRM. In the last few years, all companies working worldwide acquired different applications connected with the finances, the sales, the marketing and the client service - probably your company uses some of those applications too. Your employees are already accustomed to some applications and a radical change will require a re-qualification and additional training. So when you have already decided to choose your CRM solution, you should consider the systems that you had been using until this moment. The importance of this action comes from the fact that you are taking your present data and information and moving them to a new system. Some companies use both, the old and the new systems and the idea is for smooth change, but this move could cause you a loss of resources, problems with the employees and of course a loss of money. From the other side, one not so rapid transfer of the data from the old system to the new one could block your business for the time of the transfer, which leads to some loss.

Those possible problems are only technical and are not some threat to the CRM. As a matter of fact, in front of CRM stands the problem with the orientation not aimed at the client, but at the productive company politics. If you experience the same problems, then you need to change your business philosophy if you want to have success in the fight for clients.

Here comes the question, how does it all work? Well, the client connects with your company with the help of the telephone, email, website, or live, face-to-face, using your office, sales department, marketing section and so on. When a sale is made, the information about it is saved in a database. This information could be used for the creation of information centers, storehouses and others, or you could use it to rate the sales, for different kinds of services, for marketing, adding additional functions to this sections. For example, the management section could see with the help of the gathered database that some product sales are decreasing, and lower the price or take it out of sale. Other example could be if the marketing section sees that some product has mainly sales in 40% of the clients and to aim at the other 60% instead of all that are in the client base, this could be a great way to spare some resources.

There are many possible improvements of the working system, but CRM in your company would help you to manage more effectively your business, it would also help you to reduce the costs and to keep your clients.