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The story: Snow white’s evil stepmother, envying her for her beauty, she abandons her in the forest. There she finds refuge in the home of the seven dwarfs, but the stepmother manages to poison her with an apple. Snow white remains sedated until she is awakened by the Prince.

What it means: the question that the Queen asks her mirror about  her beauty, is resumed as the ancient theme of Narcissus, who loved himself so much, that it destroyed him.

 The Hunter: smalll children are afraid of wild animals. Only a hunter could banish away the menacing beasts, which is why in fairy tales the hunter always has the role of the prostate. In the fairytale, a hunter opposes to the wishes of the  Queen to kill Snow white as ordered, but abandons the girl in the woods.

The King: a father, who with the passive attitude creates survival problems to the heroine, gives the child the message that he she must learn to overcome beyond herself, without relying forever on an adult.

 The seven dwarfs: they  represent the seven days of the week, days full of work. Snow White needs to do her work if she wants to grow up.

Restrictions: the ease with which Snow white repeatedly allows herself to succumb to the temptations of her stepmother, (as avoiding the chalenge of an apple), despite the dwarfs warnings, symbolizes her immaturity to handle  the difficulties of adolescence. But if she  did not not know and did not have to face  these dangers that accompany her growth and development, she would have never been united with the Prince.

 The name: Snow white had skin white as snow, and cheeks red like blood, namely her blood contains both the asexual, as her erotic side as well.

The apple: the apple that  she  is offered, symbolizes something shared between stepmother and daughter, their mature sexual desires. When she eats the apple, that signals the end of her innocence.