Coupon Time

With so many people out there telling you how to save money (Hello Coupon Suzy), it's no wonder that most people get overwhelmed with the amount of information available.  While there are plenty of strategies out there, if you follow these few tips, you'll save more money than almost anyone!

1) Sign up for your Sunday newspaper subscription (or 4) through Groupon

This is absolutely vital as there are hundreds of dollars in coupons in these papers each week.  It's important to sign up for at least 2 paper subscriptions as many of the best deals require 2 of the same coupon.  Papers will typically cost you $2/ea, so if you see a deal through Groupon, grab it!  The last one I signed up for cost $22 for the year!

2) Join the membership clubs for your local stores - ie. CVS / Walgreens

You'll need to do this at most stores in order to receive their bonus dollar offers.  Signup is typically free, and will take literally 2 minutes.  There are differences in the types / type of rewards programs that these stores offer, so it's worth the time to do your research on each program.

3) Check coupon sites weekly, if not more

A good coupon site will inform you of the best deals to be had by matching sale prices, coupon, and bonus dollar offers - saving you a TON of time.  Krazy Coupon Lady is my favorite as they lay out the deals a few days ahead of time for you to pre-plan, and have great explanations of the store's rules.  All of these sites are free, and if the one you're looking at isn't, switch sites!

4) Buy gift cards for the stores cheap!

If you follow the first 3 tips, you'll be able to save a lot of money and get plenty of items for little or no cost.  If you want to save even MORE, go to gift card exchange sites and buy a CVS gift card at a 6% discount!  You pay for the gift card that has a 6% higher balance and it will get mailed to you.  These sites have become more mainstream as of late and are a great way to save even more money. 

5) Make purchases on a cash-back credit card

Many banks these days offer a credit card with 1-5% back on all purchases.  If you used this in the store (or to buy your gift cards!) you'd truly be maximizing your savings potential.  An application only takes a few minutes and the percentage savings will pile up in no time!


Goodluck with your shopping and be sure to let us know if you've used other strategies successfully in the past.