There are lots of crab traps on the market today but which one is right for you?
In this article we will list the three top crab traps and by the end we hope you have a better idea
at which trap would work best for you. A crap trap has to have certain qualities starting with being light weight, portable and simple to use
for all ages from young to old.

Things You Will Need

- Crab trap
- Bait
- Bucket
- Crabbing license
- Gardening gloves
- Extra rope

Step 1

Large crab pot trap Trap #1 - Crab Pot

My personal favorite trap is called a "Crab Pot"
A crab pot is a large metal cage with a mesh box to hold the bait and 2 one way doors.
The 2 doors swing inwards only allowing the crab to enter but not exit trapping the crab inside the crab pot. A crab pot trap is usually 2 feet long and 2 feet wide typically weighing 5 pounds.
This trap allows you to catch a lot of crabs at once because of the the size.
This trap cost on average 24.99$ at an local fishing stores.

Step 2

Twelve inch crab pot trap Trap #2 - 12" star crab trap

The 12" star crab trap is made with black finish steel and fully loaded with a wire mesh box for the bait. This trap is completely collapsible and retails for a cheap price of 12.99$. This proven pyramid-style crab trap is extremely durable and light weight being perfect for young children to use. With it being light weight this allows you to have more throwing distance from the shore line out into the ocean. Giving you a better chance to catch your dinner.

Step 3

Promar Crab Trap Trap # 3 - Promar Crab Trap

With its convenient design, the Collapsible Crab Trap allows you to carry more traps and save storage space. This trap includes a drawstring bait bag, wire clamps and easy carry handle.
The double layer bait-holding pocket in the crab hoop net makes it easy to bait up and to keep bait in the net. Heavy-duty 20" deep polyethylene netting secures your catch. This trap is available in either deluxe or jumbo size.
I hope this list has given you a better idea as to what crab trap to purchase. For personal use i highly recommend the smaller light weight traps. They are easy to kart around and small enough that storage should not be a problem.

Tips & Warnings

Crabs do pinch and can draw blood. I suggest buying a pair of gardening gloves and wear them while moving your catch from the trap to the bucket.