Top Colorful Cities Of Kerala

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Kerala as everybody knows is the living paradise of the world; thousands of people visit to this God’s own country for their family holidays and vacations. Kerala has some of the world’s most exciting places to experience which form a major honeymoon hub or land of nature which is heavenly decorated that each visitor cannot get away from simply admiring. A walk through the palm fringed sand in the beaches can provide some kind of exciting and most romantic moments which only visitors can realize. The cool breeze from the silent vast water of the Sea usually touches your inner soul is something very endearing.


In the other parts of the state, the backwater which houses the beautiful houseboats fully decorated gives honeymooners the lifetime recreation and enjoyment. This eternal ride by honeymooners takes them all through the beautiful water surface surrounded by various water lilies, aquatic flowers and wonderful water creatures like crabs, fish, swans and Kingfisher birds. Despite so much nature’s bounties most of the people like to wander through many beautiful top cities of Kerala.


The major top cities of the God’s own country where thousands of travelers visit to experience the busy markets, museums and for various entertainments are Thriuvananthapuram, Kochi, Calicut and Munnar.

Thriuvananthapuram, famously known as Trivandrum initially is the capital city of the God’s own country. The major historical attraction of this city lies over the seven hills on which the city is situated. There is a famous mythology as believed by local people that it was once the home of Lord Anantha which is believed to be responsible for shouldering the rest by Lord Vishnu. Tourists can find the city full of vibrancies during festive seasons during some of the most popular festivals like Onam. Kovalam beach, many age old temples, palaces, Museum and many art galleries are the main attractions to which thousands of visitors rush.

The next destination is Kochi which is one of the most colorful cities of Kerala. Kochi being the major center for commercial activities it has earned a new name called the “Queen of the Arabian Sea”. Major attractions for tourists will be Vasco Da Gama Square and Dutch Cemetery, Fort Kochi, St Francis Church followed by Princess Street and Santa Cruz Basilica.

Calicut has also emerged as one of the major tourists’ center in Kerala which was famously known as the “City of Spices” during the colonial rule. The entire beauty of this city lies on various estuaries, canals, wetlands and Koppad beach followed by Tali Siva Mandir and Sovaram Park. And the most sensational beauty of Kerala is the Munnar where hundreds of tourists pay visit during tourists’ seasons for vacations. This city is beautified with virgin and pristine beaches, backwaters and many hills stations.

These are major top cities of the God’s own country which is considered to be as one of the top ten paradises of the world by Geographical travelers’ magazine.

Kerala owns the most beautiful cities of the country due to which most of tourists from abroad or domestic usually rush there for divine beauty.