If you ask 10 people about What is self-esteem, I guarantee you will come up with some plenty of answers with no contact with each other. It is very important to know the true meaning of self-esteem and carry it out forward in your life in a positive direction than negative.Apart from the myths and misunderstandings, first clean up your mind and try to think its true meaning. Just put some pressure on the two words and think of its meaning. Now read on the article and see if you match it or not.

So lets understand its true meaning.Self esteem is noting but an opinion. A real opinion on yourselves.  It is an Honest and Realistic Opinion and not just a fantasy. You judge yourselves. Realistic means True and accurate . First of all, get this thing straight, everybody in this universe is good as well as bad. There are pros or positive points and cons or negative points in everything, every habit and everybody. So if you look for good things, make sure you also look for the bad things too. So If you have some strengths, you will also have some weaknesses. If you don't know your weakness, you haven't explored yourself well enough. It is well said that a person who always points out bad things in you, is your faithful friend and the other one who always praises you and fills your ears with good sweet things about you,  will surely leave you one day alone. To know your weakness, ask your family and friends only who are really very close to you. And when you find them, you better keep them with you only. Never ever tell anybody about your weakness. If your flatterers come to know about your weakness, they might take you over and get their good out of your weak points.

Wholesome self-esteem is the conviction that one is as worthwhile as anyone else, but not more so. A person with Self esteem will always realize that everyone is same and no one knows everything about the world.Self esteem is not about being self - centered and selfish. It is about seeing through people's minds. One who feels whole and secure in him or herself is freer to be selfless.It is also possible that a criminal might have higher self-esteem than you, but that depends on various factors.

Self-esteem is also not complacency or overconfidence, both of which can set us up for failure. Indeed, self-esteem is a strong motivator to work hard.So from now on, try to know your weakness and accept them and move forward in life. A self esteemed person is likely to be more humble, peaceful and wise. Distinguish yourself from other by having a high thinking and a high self-esteem.