Is it a true that you get 100% uptime? It’s very certain to come across terms such as 99.9% uptime or 100% uptime on your server when you are visiting or contacting web hosting websites, such claims are always there which may amaze you. They make you think that 99.9% is really the best deal you can get and a minimal downtime of .01% however will make no difference. Yes it’s quite incorrect to believe that this will not count as much in creating a difference, even though your server is reachable at the moment there is a possibility that something is wrong or can go wrong with the server. When you see someone claiming to offer you 99.9% uptime it’s very clear that you cannot be assured of your server never undergoing any problem when it’s still up. The web service hosting providers have a different way of analyzing things and they enumerate the figures with different perspective other than the user, at majority of instances various website downtimes are never considered in the summation process.

The downtime in entirety is never calculated.

You should be aware and always remember that the downtime calculating process is different with the webhosting providers and they never include the scheduled downtime for their own benefit and sometimes they deliberately avoid including many hours of downtime into their graphs and calculations. In the process of the monthly calculation of the server uptime the discrepancies which are already forecasted by them are never removed. This is a suggestion to the people interested in using the web hosting services to go through the third-party regular updates on server uptime as it will help in a better understanding towards the services. When you are having altered down time sessions a few of the providers tend to be inattentive towards the same. An outage which takes place for about 4-5 minutes will never be added in their calculations. You know when such issues are in multitudes it is going to make a contribution finally.

Deriving the downtime figures
A highlight to be vigilant about is that a single percent i.e. 1% downtime is equal to 99% of uptime, yet if you go through the figures keenly it is describing a downtime of approximately 8-9 hours annually. So even a slight difference in points in the claimed percentage it can lead to a greater difference in the downtime. The reality of the resources being moderate and having inadequacy at times has to be understood, the use of the word without limits or unlimited is in a different context than they are trying to portray. If you are having a greater demand in your business and the other sites are utilizing the similar services of web hosting, there are going to be moments when the server will suffer from hang ups or overloading. This can make consequences like incomplete transactions and higher time to respond and many more issues, to avoid the consequences uptime monitoring will be very helpful to keep a track on the performance of your website and send you alerts from time to time incase finds any flaw in the system.