The truth about losing love handles is this: it's damn hard work!

Love handles, those ghastly gobs of lard that hang from the sides of the torso, are a nightmare for many people. And for good reason. Despite the toil and sweat of herculean workouts in the gym, despite the hunger pangs from subsisting on a diet devoid oLove Handlesf satisfaction, love handles have a tendency to keep hangin' around.

And there is generally one overwhelming reason for this: genetics!

Genetics can be a blessing or a curse. And for many unlucky people, the genetic gods have dealt them a shabby hand in the form of a predisposition to store fat in the form of love handles.

Men, in particular, are prone to develop these ghastly rolls of flesh that cling and hang and droop. Whereas women tend to store fat on their thighs and butt, men tend to store the majority of their fat above the waistline, either in the form of a pot belly or, you guessed it, love handles!

Compounding the love handle problem is their tendency to fight, to the often bitter, sweaty end, the best efforts of diet and exercise to eradicate them.

Sure, diet and exercise are great for shrinking the gut, whittling the thighs, and thinning the face, but for some reason, love handle fat is an entirely different animal.

It stays when everything else shrinks; it hangs when everything else firms. It takes up seemingly permanent residence on the sides of the torso.

Out of frustration or desperation, many people resort to liposuction as an effective and fool-proof way of eradicating their love handles once and for all. And liposuction is a damn effective (if expensive) anti-love handle tool, whereby the fat is simply sucked out, never to return.

But for those on a tighter budget, diet and exercise remain the only viable options for eradicating (or trying to eradicate) love handles.

A lucky few can manage to eradicate them totally; the majority, however, can reduce them, even shrink them significantly, but not totally deflate them.

And for that, blame Mother Nature!