Since the first day that I first held my baby in my hands after twenty four hours of labor, I have never felt my heart cease to love this little one. In fact the warm, tender yet unexplainable feeling of love towards my daughter has being growing day by day.
      Motherhood knows much pain but it is filled with unending joys.
The joys of watching a tiny new baby grow to be a toddler is just awesome. A new baby needs so much attention and dedication from you and at times you feel so overwhelmed by taking care of the young one but then your heart fills up with so much love and joy each time you look into the eyes of your baby.
      I remember that from when my little daughter was born to around four months, I had to continuously change diapers, cuddle her, feed her, soothe her, clean and swaddle her, talk, sing and play with her and the list goes on and on. I never got any form of gratitude from her since she had yet to know how to smile, but the content look on her face as if appreciating me for what I was doing for her always triggered into me more energy to take care of her day and night.
      The smiles came at five months, and I was always doing everything and anything for her so as to get rewarded with that beautiful toothless smile, my happiness has known no bounds since that first smile.
     At thirteen months, she is now moving around and ooh!, how she knows to entertain me and her daddy. She is the center of our attention and the source of joy and laughter in the house. When she is not sleeping, Ariana is one happy baby who loves smiling, laughing, babbling and following me everywhere I go in the house. Despite the ups and down that we face as parents in our daily lives, all the financial, relationship and general worries melt down each time our daughter comes to us for a hug, with a grin (she now has six small white teeth) plastered on her tiny sweet smile.
      I still do not understand why every little thing that my daughter does, be it naughty or innocent, I tend to derive some joy from all her actions. Am proud to have her as my child and I made a promise to myself that in our life together, I will hold her hand and I would always be there for her at all times as she grows up.
     I would never trade my daughter for any worldly thing. She is a blessing from God and each time before I sleep I remember to thank the Lord for such a loving daughter who has brought so much joy and happiness in my life.