What's really in our vaccines?  Several conspiracy theories exist concerning cancer causing vaccines alone with aids and other diseases. 

shotCredit: wikipediaThese days it seems like there is a shot for everything.  Many are required for school, employment, or travel.  But are they really necessary?  Are the vaccines really for what we are told?

In the conspiracy world many believe that aids is a man made created virus that began with the small pox and polio vaccines given to Africans in the 70's by W.H.O. (World Health Organization).  William Douglas, an M.D., wrote a book in 1989 titled 'Aids: The End of Civilization'.  He claims the vaccines were purposely laced with deadly animal viruses.  During this period of time, scientists were heavily studying animal viruses, especially those of primates.  They were experimenting to find new cancer causing and immunosuppressive viruses.  Aids became widespread in Africa in the 80's, following the vaccines given by the W.H.O. in the 70's.  Many believe aids was designed as a ethno specific bioweapon made to kill black people.

In America, the experimental hepatitis B shot was given to gay men in the late 70's and early 80's, which was also right before the aids outbreak in America.   According to some, there is no evidence of aids in the United States in any hospital or blood bank before 1978....which was months after the shots were given.  It was estimated that 40% of the gay men who received the vaccines developed the aids virus within a few years.

AIDSCredit: wikipediaThe W.H.O. stated in an article that "An attempt should be made to see if viruses can in fact exert selective effects on immune function.  The possibility should be looked into that the immune response to the vims itself may be impaired if the infecting virus damages, more or less selectively, the cell responding to the virus."  Sounds crazy to me.  Shouldn't scientists be working on cures for diseases instead of trying to create ones with 'selective effects'?

In 2004, it was found that the oral polio vaccine was heavily contaminated.  This is not the only time the World Health Organization has been called out.  Millions of Hispanics who took the tetanus shots later had miscarriages or become sterile. 

Dr. Maurice Hilleman, a top Merck scientist, made a recording many years ago admitting that vaccines were contaminated with leukemia and other cancer viruses.  It is a very interesting recording that can be heard here.

gardasilCredit: wikipediaAnother vaccine surrounded with conspiracy is the Gardasil HPV shot.  We were led to believe that the HPV virus causes cervical cancer and that our young girls needed this vaccine to protect them.  And now they are also marketing the shot for young males.  There have been MANY reports of adverse reactions to the vaccine, including death.  Some even claim there is no evidence that supports 100% the link between hpv and cervical cancer.  The vaccine only protects against a few certain strains, while there are over 100 strains of the virus known.  Others claim studies have shown that gardasil actually increased the risk of precancerous lesions by more than 40% in young women.  This vaccine was pushed like crazy, with some states making it mandatory.  According to the CDC, (Center for disease control), states that the hpv virus is the most common sexual transmitted disease in the United States.  Most sexually transmitted strands of the virus cause genital warts, which is not the same type that turns into cancer.  So is this vaccine really necessary?  That's a good question.  Some conspiracy theorists think that it is an attempt at population control by making the girls sterile. 

flu(97737)Credit: wikipediaThe flu shot is also widely pushed every year in fear of swine flu, bird flu, and various others.  While the government and some medical personnel believe we need it, there are countless other professionals who warn against it.  According to The Cochran Library study, flu shots are 99% ineffective.  I've known several people who ended up sick after getting the shot or taking the oral version.  I also know there are many strains of the flu virus, but I don't know anyone who got sick who did NOT get the shot.  The flu vaccine is also made up of what they 'think' will be the worst strain to hit at that time, made 9 months ahead.  Many conspiracy theorists believe the goal of these vaccines are to implant tiny tracking devices into people, mind control, or another means of depopulation. 

Think it can't happen here?  Think again!  Earlier this year North Carolina voted to pay victims who were unknowingly sterilized $50,000 each.  About 7,600 people were sterilized between 1929 and 1974.  Some knew what happened but many were simply told they were having their appendix removed or something similar.  These were mainly low income individuals, people from institutions, or whomever state employees decided weren't good enough to have children.  I realize this isn't the same as a vaccine, but the point is that this is something that now most people deem as horrible...yet at the time they thought it was a great idea.  It wasn't just North Carolina, it was many states.  Can you imagine going to the hospital for your appendix or something similar, only to find out years later the real reason you can't have children is because the government lied to you?  Does $50,000 really cover something like that?  No amount of money could begin to compensate. 

So, next time your doctor advises you to get a vaccine, do your research first.  Drug companies profit from the sick...if they can make you sicker without killing you, well that's just more money in their pocket.  The old fashioned method proves best; wash your hands and if you are sick, stay home!  The biggest buyer of vaccines is the United States, and they are not legally required to inform the public of the ingredients.  So who knows whats really in them?  But hey, the government says its OK.