Antique spurs

Western antique spurs can make for valued collectibles. Antique spurs carry a lot of western tradition. A lot of western advocates collect antique spurs and they can be worth quite a bit of money. The value of western antique spurs can range anywhere from hundreds, to even thousands of dollars. Western antique spurs definitely have value if they're in mint condition.

The history of cowboy boot spurs goes back to the late 19th century. Antique spurs typically have rowels, and are made of chap guards, and spur straps to go around cowboy boots. Cowboy boot spurs were created for horse riders, used to direct the horse forward or laterally when riding. Cowboy boot spurs still are made for redoes, or other parts of the west for cowboys to use. Antique spurs have become popular in American culture, and have become Clint Eastwood's signature in western movies.

Spurs were used as far back as when Julius Caesar ruled Rome. Cowboy boot spurs designs were different and have evolved through the course of history. Typical and common western spurs were made with a solid brass, a slightly curved shape, with small rowels, and leather straps.

Buying valuable western antique spurs requires doing some research. Popular antique spurs can include brands like Renalde, Crockett Spurs, North and Jedd, Buermann, and Kelly Bit and Spur Company. The name brand of the spurs are usually marked to help identify its authenticity. However, antique spurs sometimes get rusted, and the graving marks can fade.

Where to buy valuable western antique spurs

Finding out where to buy valuable western antique spurs requires buying from reputable antique sellers. Old antique stores for example might collect antique spurs, and those are places to search for cowboy spurs. Luckily for the internet, you can buy just about anything online these days. Ebay is a great place to shop or sell antique spurs. You can check the feedback rating from the seller, to help ease your mind on buying western antique spurs. Usually the sellers have collection of antique spurs they're trying to sell, so positive customer feedback will make purchasing one a little more easier.

How much value for antique spurs?

The value for antique spurs can be quite high. It will depend on the condition, age, and brand of the antique spurs. For example, Vintage Crockett Renalde Spurs can go around $400. The worth of antique spurs depends on its condition. California spurs can go from anywhere to $800-$3,500. Double mounted California spurs will be worth more. Antique spurs value of kelly bros spurs can range as high a $500-$1250.

To find the value of antique spurs will require comparing prices of the antique spurs online. Some spurs can cost as little as $20 or go as high as $5,000, or more even. Before you buy, or sell any antique spurs, its best to do as much research as possible on that particular spur. Check antique shops, consult with antique collectors, and shop around online.

Other usage and history of antique spurs

Prisons in the late 19th century, when machinery became more advanced, allowed inmates to start making spurs. The spurs were usually not marked but made from steel, with a overlay of brass and copper, and stamped leather straps.