How to get washboard abs

There is no doubt about it, eight pack abs look impressive and is something many men dream
of having. Achieving eight pack abs is not easy, but if you are dedicated and willing to put in the hard work you will see results. This washboard abs workout has been designed as an easy to follow plan that will help you get the upper body you want.

As you’d expect the washboard abs workout consists of a number of different exercises
designed to make your eight pack abs bigger and stronger. The abs is a large muscle group and it is going to take a bit of work to tear the muscles so you have to be prepared for this. The abs is like any other muscle in the body and will require a sufficient time to heal and repair before they are subjected to another heavy workout, so don’t be in a rush and try not to complete sessions to close
to each other. The exercises in the washboard abs workout are detailed below.

Bicycle exercise

The bicycle exercise involves lying on your back with your hands behind your head. The
exercise is performed by lifting both legs, and your hips off the floor, and bending your knees. The exercise is performed by rotating your legs, just like you would if you were riding a bike, hence the name.

When performing this exercise you need to be smooth and controlled. You also need to
squeeze in your abs and keep them tight throughout the whole motion. You must ensure there is no jerking during the motion as this does not work the abs and provides very little benefit.

Standing leg raise

This exercise can only be performed with a specific piece of gym equipment, affectionately
known as the captain’s chair, therefore it is not one that can be done in the privacy of your own home. The standing leg raise involves standing in the captain’s chair with your arms resting on the supports and your hands clasped around the hand grips. Once in position you start by slowly lifting both legs, with your knees bent, so you are in the sitting position. This position is held for a few seconds before lowering your legs back to the starting position and then repeating the motion.

When performing the standing leg raises, you need to keep the motion smooth, controlled and squeeze in your abs throughout the whole exercise. Once again, make sure it is not a jerky motion as this does not give your abs the workout they need to develop and get bigger.

If you do not have access to the captain’s chair and prefer to do the washboard abs workout
at home you can replace the standing leg raise with lying leg raises. This is a simple exercise that involves lying on your back and placing your hands by your sides. When you are ready you slowly raise both legs up towards the ceiling until they are perpendicular to your torso. You need to keep your legs as straight as possible throughout the whole motion. Once your legs are perpendicular you slowly return them to the starting position.

Lying leg raises relies on total control throughout the entire movement. You should never throw your legs up, or just let them fall back down again as this will not give your abs a workout.  

Ball crunch

The ball crunch requires an exercise ball, so if you do not have access to one of these you are not going to be able to complete these crunches.

Ball crunches involve sitting on the exercise ball and leaning back. When you are ready move
your torso up and towards your legs, squeezing your abs as you go. Once you are at the top of the motion you need to return to the starting position to perform another repetition.

Vertical leg crunch

The vertical leg crunch involves you lying flat on your back. Next, lift your legs and raise
them up so they are perpendicular to your torso. If you struggle to keep your legs dead straight you can bend your knees ever so slightly if it is more comfortable. Place you hands by the side of your head and lift your upper body up towards your legs, squeezing your abs as you go. When you are at the top of the motion, hold the position for a few moments before slowly returning to the starting position. The first part of the exercise should be done quickly but in a controlled manner. The second part of the motion should be smooth, controlled and with no jerky movements.

Straight arm crunch

The straight arm crunch involves lying on your back and lifting both legs slightly off the floor and slightly bending the knee. Stretch out both arms towards your legs. When you are ready to start the motion lift your torso towards your legs squeezing your abs as you go. This motion should be quick but smooth and controlled. Once you are as far forward as you can go, hold the position for a
few moments and then slowly return to the starting position. The second part of the motion must be done under full control to get the full benefits of this exercise.

In this washboard abs workout each abdominal exercise needs to be performed until you
reach momentary muscular failure “MMF”. Momentary muscular failure is the point where your body momentarily gives up and you can’t do one more repetition because it hurts so much. If you can do lots and lots of repetitions of any of the abdominal exercises your form and technique is all wrong and you are not giving your abs a workout. If you find this happening you need to adjust your technique, isolate your abs and ensure you are squeezing your abs during the whole motion. The most common cause of not giving your abs a proper workout is not having total control when returning to the starting position for the next repetition.

When you are following the washboard abs workout you need to increase your protein intake to
help your muscles heal and repair quickly. There are many different ways of increasing your protein intake and not all of them involve eating large quantities of protein rich foods, which can be a challenge to digest.

The best way of increasing your protein intake is to consume protein shakes, which are made
by mixing ready-made protein shake powder with some water and turning it in to a low calorie drink that is very easy to consume. There are many companies that make protein shakes and neither one is better than the others so the choice is down to personal preference.

Losing fat

The washboard abs workout doesn’t just rely on working out the abdominal muscles to make your eight pack abs pop. The abdominal muscles get a good workout each and every single day as we go about our normal lives. Almost every movement we make will have an effect on the abdominal muscles, so each and every one of us has those eight pack abs lurking beneath our skin. Whether our eight pack abs is visible when we take our shirt off depends on the amount of belly fat we have. The less fat there is the more noticeable your eight pack abs will be, therefore we need to burn off some of the belly fat.

When fat burning it is not possible to isolate and target a specific area. Your body will lose fat where it wants to lose it from, when it wants to lose it and the only thing you can do is to keep working at it until you lose fat from the area you want to lose it from. So, this washboard abs workout not
only requires you to work the abdominal muscles to make them bigger and stronger but also undertake some light cardiovascular exercise to lose fat.

In conclusion.....

If you follow this washboard abs workout you are not going to get instant results and it is going to take time. This washboard abs workout is also going to take hard work, effort, dedication and you are going to have to be motivated. However, if you are prepared to put in the work you will reap the
rewards and have eight pack abs most men dream of.