The Kansas City Chiefs are a franchise that is rich in history, but has little to show for it. They have only won the Super Bowl one time in two Super Bowl appearances. The have had many pro bowlers and hall of famers come through their franchise, but like every other team, they have had their highs and lows. I believe we all can agree that the Chiefs are on the low side of things right now, and I don’t think it is going to get any better any time soon.

As a Kansas City Chiefs supporter it is hard for me to tell people that the Chiefs are not going to get better within the next few years to come, but instead, only get worst. Not only as a team, but as a franchise itself. The past decade has been a tough one for the Chiefs. They have a combined record of 54-83 since 2004. That is including this season. They have only one winning season in the last six years. Through those years the Chief fans have been told by the coaches that we can only get better. We are rebuilding our team that’s all. As for all the fans and me, we believed them. Now the fans and I have come to the fact that our team has not been rebuilt at all. Only stripped down more and more, year after year. I will tell you this, the fans have had enough.

Now I’m going to tell you why things will only get worst for the Kansas City Chiefs. For one they they do not have a winning team, that is never a good thing to hear. Two, the front office does not have any intention to change their strategy on improving the team. They believe that they can stick it out with the team they have now and eveything will get better. For example, Matt Cassell, ahhh yes another negative example of Matt Cassell. Let’s face it, he has not had a good career in Kansas City. He has done nothing but frustrate Chiefs fans. This is not what you need if you want a successful franchise. It’s not only Cassell but many other players as well that fans are not too happy with.  Another reason for why this franchise is heading for the worst is because of those FRUSTRATED fans I just mentioned. This is the last thing the Chiefs need  is the fan base to go down. The Chiefs have been blessed with fantastic, emotional, loyal fans through out the years. It is by far the chiefs pride and joy and to many the only thing the Chiefs can boast about. They thank the fans for all the success that they have accomplished, problem is that the success hasn’t been their for awhile. And those fans are getting a little sick of it.

                I don’t know if you are aware of what happened earlier this year when the Chiefs were playing the Baltimore Ravens at home. Matt Cassell was struggling through most of the game and the crowd was letting him know it, and the Chiefs were trailing with the ball. Cassell took the snap stepped back and threw a short pass to Charles as he was drilled by a couple of defenders. The play had went for a 20 yard gain and a first down, but Cassell had payed the price as he was knocked unconscious. Of course the crowd started cheering after the play. They cheered for the 20 yard play!! Then got quiet after they realized Cassell had gone down. They began to cheer as he got up and walked off the field then cheered even more when Quinn ran out on to the field. Eric Winston, an offensive lineman for the Chiefs went on a rampage after the game calling the insident “sick,” as he believed the fans were cheering because of Cassell getting hurt. Of course this caught the medias eye and they attacked Chiefs fans for being disrespectfull to their team. This situation did not settle well with chiefs fans as they called Winston wrong and saying he had no right to say what he said. This is just one example of many that the fans of KC have had to endure.

                All I’m trying to get to is that if this franchise keeps treating their fans as if they are profit and profit only then they will see an ablsolute decline in fan support. If the Chiefs don’t find a solution to this problem then they will hit an all time low, and will not have enough fans or profit to keep their franschise, at least in Kansas City. That’s right, you may see the Chiefs move to another city if they don’t turn things around. And the more the front office denies this the more time they are losing on fixing this problem. As a life long Chiefs supporter it is hard for me to say this, but im afraid that it is very possible.

                Let’s all hope that this does not happen. Let’s just pray that the Chiefs can get back on track, and continue where they left off with a strong, proud, determined, and historic franchise. God Bless.