Theater wall sconces can turn your home theater setup into the perfect movie viewing experience. To enjoy a movie in a way similar to the big screen, you need the right lighting. Theater wall sconces give the perfect level of ambiance for these moments, adding to the entertainment value of your home theater room.

Theater Wall Sconce Lighting

Theater sconces are designed to provide perfectly muted lighting for your home theater room. They give enough light to move around the room without fear of having an accident, but not so much light as to deter from the heightened visual experience of the movie. There is also a wellness theater wall sconces_4benefit to using these sconces. Watching movies with no lights on can strain your eyes, so by the second hour and beyond of a favorite movie, you may find it tough to focus. You may even have a headache. Theater wall sconces help solve this issue by providing some light to balance out the moving images on the screen.

To get the most out of theater wall lighting, wiring them to dimmer switches is key. This way you can control the ambience to fit what you are looking for on a particular evening. The theater sconces should also be placed at intervals on both the sides and back walls of the room. Don't get them too close to your screen, as they will draw focus from the movie if they are directly in your line of sight.

Theater Wall Sconce Designs

You'll find theater wall sconces come in a variety of theater wall sconces_3looks and feels. Some designs harken back to the glory days of cinema and nod to an art deco feel. In fact, many art deco sconces can do double duty as theater sconces. Because of their unique designs and clean lines, art deco sconces add a heightened sense of class to your home theater room.

Other theater sconces play on the "theatricality" of the moment and use laser-cut images of standard movie theater words and icons, such as popcorn boxes, tickets, and auditorium numbers. You can even customize your own theater sconce through many online vendors, so your home theater could be personally branded. These sconces typically come in a powder black finish to really let the imagery stand out while not stealing focus from the television focal point of the room.

Where To Buy Theater Wall Sconces

Theater sconces are a bit of a speciality item, so they can be expensive ($50 to $500 or more), especially if you want any sort of customization. Some electronics stores may carry a stock amount of basic theater wall sconces that are often purchased at the same time as a home theater system. But to find the greatest variety, it's best to shop online. has a nice selection of both the theater wall sconce types listed above, as well as many other online vendors. Remember, to get the perfect theater ambience, you'll need to purchase multiple theater wall sconces depending on the size of your room.