Party Planning Themes

Planning a party or event requires attention to both the large and obvious details as well as the smaller ones.  Having a theme party takes a lot of work, but allows the party planning to be very focused.  Theme parties are the rage for children’s birthday parties, but who says that the fun has to end in childhood?  Some of the most memorable parties that this author has hosted or attended as an adult have been parties with a theme. 

Current Events Party

Host a party with a current events theme.  Send invitations as a press release or page from the newspaper, with the party details as the headline.  Ask guests to come dressed as their favorite person who is making headlines.  For food, serve the trendiest food you can find.  Play games with your guests of a trivia nature using current and world events as your question base.  Play the current hits on the stereo for dancing or background music.

Tacky Party

This party theme is a lot of fun and gives a lot of leeway in that anything goes.  Ask guests to come by sending invitations that are crumpled, perhaps even on dirty pieces of paper.  Set the rule that everything that happens at the party must be “tacky.”  For guests who do not arrive in tacky attire, have a stash of tacky accessories to get them properly ready for your party.  Food for a tacky party is also an anything goes idea.  You can have the ultimate in tackiness and serve nothing, telling your guests that they were supposed to eat before they arrived, or offer an assortment of odd food combinations.  To finish off your tacky party, make a mix CD with an assortment of any music you can find, and play in a random fashion.  Have a tacky fashion show and show off your guest’s creativity.

Classic Party

For those that prefer a more traditional party, chose a theme like Hollywood Greats, and showcase the Silver Screen days of Tinsel Town.  Send invitations that are classically designed and ask you guests to come in elegant clothes.  Food could be in a buffet or a classic sit down meal.  This party theme would be on that is easily catered and decorated in an elegant fashion.  Make sure you have room for dancing and find one of many local party bands nearby to supply live music, preferably to play show tunes as entertainment.