Need something versatile that can be worn in both solemn and flippant occasions? Theory's lines could be your ideal in clothing. The company philosophy can best be described as anti-flashy, with styles that lack gimmicks or excessive flamboyance. Theory clothing doesn't draw attention to itself. Rather, it focuses on comfort and a smooth, natural look for the wearer, with the clothing coming second to the person.

Like its competitors, Theory keeps a high demand on its products by limiting availability. Part of being a wise shopper with their products, then, consists of knowing when to make a purchase while the option is there. But patience is also a virtue. If you check back on what Theory's offering every once in a while, you'll find enough diversity to keep things new and interesting.

Perhaps you love the feel or shine of leather, but aren't so fond of the aggressive, anti-establishment feel that so often comes with jackets made of the material. Theory has made its own interpretation of leather in its various products that is more suitable for people with less pent up anger or rebelliousness. A minority of the leather-based outerwear Theory is built on that darker, edgier look. Most are light, bright, and soothing instead.

The least expensive products by the company tend to be the light knitted ones - sweaters and so on. So you can't buy that six hundred dollar coat you want... how about a sweater at a third of the price instead? This keeps Theory available to those who care about fashion but can't afford to spend like an heiress.

Finding different Theory garments that flow well together is as easy as going to the official online site and clicking on a product. Individual product pages often contain hints on what other Theory items would go together with a piece. There are even small movies demonstrating this in a visually direct way, if that's to your preferences.

Interested in clothing that flirts with the idea of debunking gender stereotypes? Women's Theory outerwear includes an especially good form of this concept utilized in fashion. The Blinn Blazer works by taking an established masculine style of outerwear and then transforming it into something more appropriate for the female body. The result is a product with more visibility than most Theory products, while still not trying too hard or being colorfully tacky.

Many women's wool coats marketed as such are, in fact, not entirely wool. An easy way for a company to try and improve its bottom line is to use blends and the not explicitly market that fact. But a designer company like Theory doesn't need to dabble in such schemes, with most of their profit coming from the up front price. If you want wool clothing from them, it's worth betting that that that wool will be minimally tampered with.

A good two or three hundred dollars is what you'll probably want to have free to shop at Theory. A few products are well below that baseline, and many are well above, but at that middle ground you'll find a wide variety of their products available. Although not the cheapest clothes you can get, Theory products make up for it by a carefully-tailored quality you wouldn't find in cheaper wares.