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Therapeutic Essential Oils

Therapeutic Essential Oils

Therapeutic essential oils have been used for centuries dating back to early Egypt or earlier when they were used for their fragrance and embalming. They were mixed together and had uses in medicine to heal infections, skin disorders and for personal body care as well as perfumes.

Essential oils come naturally from plants and should be used in their purest form to obtain the most benefits without additional chemicals, irritants, cheap fillers or artificial fragrance. These ingredients only harm and contaminant the oil and reduce the effectiveness as well as create toxic compounds that can further irritate and harm the body. Remember that everything we put on our skin is absorbed into the bloodstream. To check any brand or company for harmful toxins, check out www.cosmeticsdatabase.com for the most accurate results. There is a process of obtaining the purest oils that enhance their ability to be used for therapeutic purposes so you need to bear that in mind when shopping for your essential oils.

Aromatherapy has made them popular for a variety of uses. First as healers, organic, rich compounds are combined from all around the world. They can come from trees and shrubs as well as flowers and bushes.

Benefits of Therapeutic Essential Oils

The natural benefits of essential oils include their ability to be antiviral, antiseptic, antifungal and antibacterial.

An entire plant can be used for creating the end product and include the root, the stem, the bark, the leaves and any flowering petals. All parts of the plant have had numerous studies showing the ways to utilize them and the healing powers of particular plants. Therapeutic essential oils can improve the mind, body and soul as well as attitude and emotions.

Uses of Therapeutic Essential Oils

  • Stress and Anxiety Reduction – Adding a few drops of ylang ylang or orange essential oil to the bathtub can create a relaxing bath that improves mood and reduces skin disorders that can cause stress.
  • Analgesic Pain Relief – Peppermint is a known antibacterial and antifungal when used to soak, clean and restore sore, tired or painful feet.
  • Insomnia – Lavender not only smells soothing and relaxing but, also helps to induce sleep.
  • Soften Skin – Peppermint helps to invigorate and stimulate skin cells and when added to an exfoliator will help to remove dry, dead skin resulting in softer, smoother skin.
  • Mood – improve your mood and calm your senses by incorporating the essence of orange and any other citrus oils for their sweet, uplifting aromas.
  • Invigorate – Eucalyptus is a known therapeutic oil that assists sore, tired muscles and feet when used in combination with lotions or scrubs for the body.
  • Migraines – did you know you can get help to provide a peaceful, relaxing environment, reduce stress associated with headaches and uplift the spirit when burned to scent the environment or a small amount massaged into the temple area of the head. Jasmine is known for reducing depression, tension and anxiety.
  • Hydrate Dry Flaky Skin – Using therapeutic essential oils of geranium or rose rehydrate the skin naturally since they contain antioxidants that protect the skin from the harsh environment.
  • Relieve Sore Muscles – Ylang Ylang and Orange essential oils help to alleviate sore and tired muscles when used as massage and body oils blending all over the sore affected area.
  • Colds, Cough and Bronchitis – Eucalyptus is known as an anti inflammatory and antiseptic good for helping these conditions as well as arthritis inflammation.
  • Acne – Tea Tree Oil helps to improve and reduce acne and itching because of it's antibacterial and antifungal properties.
  • Hypertension – Ylang Ylang has known benefits of reducing stress, tension and is a natural relaxer and antidepressant without any of the known side effects from medications.


Forms of Therapeutic Essential Oils

You can find the best therapeutic essential oils in pure oil form and also incorporated in lotions and creams, bath products, soaps, scrubs and sprays. Get the liquid and a diffuser, add a few drops and burn safely (always attend to anything burning) or apply a few drops to bath water. See my favorites at the end of this article. Try adding a few drops of your favorite scent to a cotton ball and place in the filter area of your vacuum cleaner to clean the air while you vacuum! It cleans the air beautifully while soothing the soul.

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You can improve many health conditions by paying attention to nature and the amazing benefits of therapeutic essential oils. Just be sure to buy the purest forms we show here that have these benefits instead of adding potential problems from chemicals and toxins. There are many more valuable oils that you can try to find your favorite scents.

You will notice improved health and wellness when you begin to utilize therapeutic essential oils in your every day skincare, body care and environmental products.

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