Organic All Natural Essential Oils

Using therapeutic essential oils for baldness is an excellent way to help stimulate hair growth and be environmentally friendly. Therapeutic essential oils are all organic, naturally grown and processed without the use of chemicals. Beware, however, of organic products that do not say that they're 10o% organic. You see, to claim that a product is organic manufacturer's really only need one or two ingredients to call it organic, not all of them. So, be on the lookout and read the label as well as list of ingredients.

Naturally, products that are 100% organic are a bit pricier, but that is to be expected. Anything that is of good quality usually comes with a higher price tag. However, when you compare other hair loss products with therapeutic essential oils for baldness you will find they're a bargain.

Therapeutic essential oils are very concentrated and require dilution. Therefore, some mixing will be needed, but you don't a degree just basic knowledge of essential oils and carrier oils. Carrier oil is typically used to dilute therapeutic essential oils. The process is simple just use a small glass bottle and pour 2-4 oz. of carrier oil into it then add 10-15 drops of therapeutic essential oil and shake.

Some popular carrier oils are sweet almond, jojoba, hazelnut, coconut and apricot kernel. It is easy to find therapeutic carrier oils and carrier oils online at Amazon and other Aromatherapy websites.

The more you educate yourself on therapeutic essential oils and their uses the better. After all, they are used for a multitude of illnesses, skin disorders, chronic pain and much more.

Therapeutic Essential Oils for Balding

Before we go any further you should know that my experience with balding is considerable. I have been a cosmetologist and massage therapist since 1983. I have found that when you combine massage with organic hair products and essential oils that hair is healthier, which makes it stronger and less likely to break off or fall out. Massage stimulates hair growth by increasing blood circulation and decreasing stress. Lower stress levels help organs to function more efficiently thus increase hair growth.

For optimal results you need to be consistent and patient if you want to improve the health of hair and promote hair growth. It doesn't happen overnight there is no miracle cure for hair loss as you probably already know. The use of therapeutic essential oils for balding is one of the least expensive and best ways to stay eco-friendly as well as care for the hair and scalp at the same time.

Choosing therapeutic essential oils for baldness is a personal matter. We all have scents that we prefer, thankfully there are several essential oils to choose from that pertain to balding. Most men prefer a scent that isn't too feminine and women want a feminine or sweet smell to their hair. Therapeutic essential oil scents can be strong or not so strong depending on the mixture. For a stronger scent you add more essential oil and for a weaker scent you add less. Keep this in mind when blending.

Some therapeutic essential oils for baldness are:

* Thyme- Not a very strong odor and would be good for men great for circulation.

* Cedar Wood- A woodsy odor preferred by men.

* Grape Seed- Not a strong odor can be used by men and women.

* Lavender- A strong sweet odor preferred by women.

* Rosemary- Smells like fresh picked herbs used by men and women.

Each one of these therapeutic essential oils has multiple purposes they're not just for the hair and scalp. It would be to your advantage to research them before you make a purchase.

Therapeutic Essential Oils and Organic Hair Products

Hopefully if you're going to use therapeutic essential oils you will also use other organic hair products. This way you have all organic natural products being used on the hair and scalp with no chemicals whatsoever. These days there are many sources of organic hair products online and off. Amazon carries any type of organic styling aid you could want as well as shampoo and conditioner.

You can also add drops of therapeutic essential oils for baldness into shampoo and conditioner. Just be sure that it mixes well. I alternate three shampoos and add a separate scent to each one. The reason you alternate hair products is that the hair gets used to them and doesn't respond as well as it did when you first used it. As a result, when you change it up hair is always responsive.

While in the shower take your time and massage the scalp with conditioner, especially if you have added therapeutic essential oils. When you massage use tight circular motions with moderate pressure starting from above the forehead back to the nape of the neck. Repeat 2-3 times, each time with more pressure and vigor to promote circulation. Do the last scalp massage slowly with less pressure to relax.

Experiment with therapeutic essential oils for baldness to see which ones you prefer according to scent or specific need. In this life we only have one head of hair, so it's wise to take care of what we have before we lose it. Much of our hair loss and breakage can be reduced or eliminated simply by taking better care. When we allow hair to get dry and brittle it's our fault when it falls out or breaks.

Other common reasons for hair loss are heredity, medical conditions, fungal infections, thyroid or hormone imbalance, chemotherapy, medications and malnutrition. These are issues that usually require medical treatment before hair can be restored and grow normally again.

After a person has recovered from a medical condition the use of therapeutic essential oils for baldness is an excellent way to stimulate hair growth and regain natural balance to hair, skin and scalp. Adding more chemicals could make matters worse since they're absorbed into the body. To restore hair and scalp to its natural state we need products that are all natural.

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