Why is everyone so concerned with the way they look these days? Has it always been this way? It doesn't take a rocket scientist or a congressional committee to figure out its the media. But do people may as much attention to their overall body wellness (mind, body, and spirit) as they do for their physical appearance?

Think about this scenerio. You check the oil in your car to make sure it's at the proper level and won't damage your engine. Yet what would happen if you neglected to fill the radiator with water? Your car would surely be damaged right? The human body isn't much different in that it has many working parts and to get maximum performance, all parts need to be maintained and in top working condition.


body wellnessOf course we all want to look good, after all, it is a very visual society whether we like it or not. Taking care of our body however is more then just pumping iron and looking good. Cardio is an important aspect of body work in order to maintain good health and a strong heart. Make a commitment to yourself to start walking more or using the stairs. For me, I made a commitment to climb the 11 flights of stairs of my office building every morning instead of taking the elevator. It may not seem like much (I also jog/run for 30 minutes three days a week) but I can definitely tell the difference in my over stamina and the way I feel. I also do pushups, weight training, and various other exercise at least three to four times a week. My fitness goal is pretty simple: to work up a sweat for 30 minutes everyday or at least every other day.

Setting small goals for your body to start with is important. I used to set out to have the perfect 6 pack abs, only to become frustrated after a few weeks of not seeing results. Oh, and in case you're wondering how to get perfect abs... it's more in the diet than the exercise (so I've heard, I'm still working on mine). Its important to set small achievable goals as to not get frustrated and give up. As with anything in life, setting realistic goals is an important step in achieving them.

Keeping your body healthy and in shape is only part of a total body wellness program.


Keeping up with our body physically is easier when our minds are functioning at full capacity. One of the benefits of keeping our minds active, is the ability to know and evaluate what our body is telling us about it's physical condition. It is common for people to workout obsessively when dealing with emotional turmoil in their lives. They workout physically to avoid dealing with what they're feeling emotionally. This can cause damage to the body in the long-term as we push it too hard and risk injury. The ability to deal with emotions and thoughts in a healthy manner enable us to get the most out of our physical bodies as we're better able to adjust to changes in our physical condition.

Exercising the mind can be done in many ways. Reading, writing, and participating in in-depth communication with others on various topics are several ways of entertaining and exercising our minds. There are mind teaser games and exercises which are made specifically for exercising our minds. Granted we can use physical exercise to relax and get away from our daily mindful activities, but having a good and healthy mind will only add to the overall performance we can get out of our bodies.


A revitalized spirit is capable of overcoming great obstacles. Ask any marathon runner how spiritual they feel when running; chances are, running is a leg in their spiritual journey. Finding a spiritual connection with something can have tremendous effects on your overall body wellness. There are times when we feel overcome with obstacles in life and this is when we're most susceptible to illness and injury. Everyone wants to believe in something, for many of us (myself included in the past) ourselves is all we believe in. This can be dangerous; as being human, we're bound to fail and ultimately let ourselves down. Finding spiritual guidance in our lives only helps our total body, mind, and spirit experience and opens the fullness of life's experiences to us in ways not available for those without it. One thing people get confused with is the difference between religion and spirituality; spirituality has nothing to do with religion. The topic is way to broad to get into here, but if you've ever asked yourself, "is this as good as it gets?", you may want to research spiritual teachings or practices.

Putting together a body wellness program that includes all areas (mind, body, and spirit) increases the chance of maintaining maximum body performance and thus enjoyment out of life.