Ah Paris! Like no other city in the world. Feel the romance in the air as you meander through its hidden treasures. If you have never been you must go, and if you have already ben you will want to return again and again; there is so much to love about this wonderful place. Whilst staying in a hotel is ok, it is far better to stay in an apartment as you get a better feel for the city. There are some fantastic apartments in Paris, places where you will feel at home and will be able to base your explorations of this wonderful city.

If you want to find an apartment then the best place to search is online as you will be able to explore all the options on offer. Looking at all the photos, even going onto Google street view so that you can see what the surrounding neighbourhood is like.

With street view, you can make sure everything around your apartment looks nice and safe and is a good area. It really is amazing how much information you can find out about your apartment online. It makes sense to book one online rather than phone as you can make sure you get the perfect place.

One piece of advice that is good to follow is find an Australian run business that has expertise and local knowledge as you have a greater degree of reliability you will be getting what you paid for. By going with an Australian run business you know that they are subject to the fair trading laws of Australia, giving you far greater protection and assurance. It also means that they will have a greater understanding of what you will want and need from your stay in Paris.

When you look, make sure the company does not list Paris apartments without a personal inspection by one of their team. Ensure they only list apartments that adhere to strict criteria, judging them by Australian standards is a must. Make sure all their Paris apartments have professional English speaking managers to help if you need them, having personalised service, or one person to deal with from start to finish adds to your overall stay so is definitely recommended. And lastly ensure you don’t have to pay a large security/damage cash deposit for the apartment on arrival.

Fall in love with Paris.