There Is a Better Way to Meet a Mate
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This happens to me a lot and I am just an average individual, so I am certain that this happens to lots of other average individuals as well. It is an epidemic that I call Erratic Requesting of Companionship (ERC). The culprits behind this epidemic are Date, Intimacy and Consort Seekers (DICS) and these DICS will ERC everyone they come in contact with. I know a few people that have made their irritation known to the public since I started collecting information on this problem, but I feel as if there must be many more that suffer quietly in the background.

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 These DICS do not adhere to any online dating etiquette or rules of any kind. While social sites are set up to clearly state whether or not one is interested in dating, DICS will ERC unsuspecting individuals without checking their profile first to see if it is even appropriate. 

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 There are hundreds of online dating sites out there. In fact, according to Online Dating Magazine there were 2500 in the U.S. alone in 2012.[2] I suspect that the number has climbed so high now that people stopped counting.

There is no shortage of appropriate places for people to go in search of a companion and there are literally millions of people who make it known that they are interested in cultivating a relationship through these sites.[3] Unfortunately the DICS either do not know about them or they would simply rather ERC as many people as possible. 

 Nearly one-third of the people using social networks have done some reconnaissance on someone they were thinking of getting to know better[1], but DICS don't bother. Instead, they will ERC you directly without any basic information about you at all. DICS also seem to have a filter that weeds out any variation of words like "spouse" and "unavailable". No matter how many times you mention any of these words or any related to them the DICS will continue to ERC you.

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 If DICS ERC you, know that you are not alone. The behavior of DICS leaves me with far more questions than answers, but I hope that we can band together against DICS, refuse to let them ERC us and learn how to make social media a more pleasant place for everyone.

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