It is a misconception that going to the gym will get you fit. That is like saying that singing a song will make you a star. What I am getting at is that when you go, what you do, how much of it you do, etc, are all not just useful things to know, but are absolute requirements if you are expecting to see any results.

Very often it can be observed in gyms, especially those which have TVs in front of the treadmills, how people actually exercise. I will first give an example of the cardio time wasters and then I will give an example of the weight lifting time wasters.


Both young and old suffer from the same problem and the problem is telling yourself lies. Here are all the things which are wrong with 95% of people I have seen attending gyms and doing their cardio:

  • One of the most amazing and amusing things to observe is a cardio person watching TV. It is plain funny how they slow down at the most interesting parts of the movie or the show and pick the speed back up at the end of it. Not only this roller coaster is pretty much useless in terms of fitness, but the general speed or intensity of the exercise goes lower and lower as time passes by. If you are one of these persons stop wasting your time or acknowledge what you are doing and take corrective actions.
  • Next is the type of people who get bored with one machine very fast, so they do a little bit of treadmill, a little bit of elliptical and a little bit of stationary bicycle. They have a fixed dumb smileyroutine and a fixed amount of time to complete their unfortunate obligation. What they don’t know or are simply closing their eyes upon is that their body has gotten used to this routine after one week of doing it and they are getting absolutely no benefit from repeating it for the last 2 years. If you are one of these persons then acknowledge that you have to keep challenging your body and raising the difficulty every single session – that is the only way your body will get stronger and better and more fit.
  • Lastly are what I call the cardio “extremists”. They stay on one machine for a huge amount of time, an hour or more, while doing a very low intensity work, the kind where you have to pay very good attention to notice that they are actually moving (sarcasm). And after this hour of “walk in the park” I will bet my salary that they believe strongly they have done a lot of work and reward themselves with nothing less than 10 times amount of calories than the meaningless amount that they burned. If you are one of these types of people, for your own sake, be honest to how much you are burning and how much you are eating, because if you do not, you will have the exact same weight problem as all the others of this type.


Both young and old suffer from the same problem and the problem is telling yourself lies. Here are all the things which are wrong with 95% of people I have seen attending gyms and doing their weight training exercises:

  • When the experts recommended you to go to the gym with a gym buddy that did not mean that you have to come there with the entire football team, then do one set of lifts and wait 30 minutes while all your other friends took their likewise meaningless turn. If you are one of these persons, stop cheating yourself. If you want to spend time with your friends, then go somewhere nice. If you want to improve your body – make a change.
  • Mobile phone and gym do not go together. Raising the barbell 10 times for something like 20 seconds and then chatting on the mobile phone for 20 minutes will only get you to the top of the idiots list at the gym. Leave the phone at home or in the locker on silence – do not bring it to the weights.
  • Correcting others is a major issue. Now don’t get me wrong, I am a big supporter of kind people trying to help, but I frown upon those who correct others when they, themselves, clearly have no idea about what they are doing. If you have nice looking abs it does not mean you are training correctly. You may be doing a lot of wrong movements in wrong form, which will, number of years down the line create huge problems for you. So do not advice others on what to do if you, yourself, are not 300% sure you have the right answer. Moreover, do not advice others because you should not be taking a 5-10 minute rest between your sets – you are destroying your own workout in the name of social acceptance.
  • Going to the gym without a program on a paper tracking your numbers is what the vast majority does. Not only it is impossible to remember everything that you have done in the past, but doing the same routine or doing whatever you feel like on that day is not how a body develops. You must constantly challenge your body to improve and to do this you need to know exactly how many times did you do this specific exercise in the last session, so that you know what your target is for this day.
  • Last, but not the least, the gym show offs, which can be identified by the following: lifting light weights at the speed of light, huffing and puffing in the meanwhile; lifting a heavy weight their body clearly can not support by swinging or throwing or twisting their bodies in all kind of weird ways. Don’t try to be cool and end up on the operating table.

It is very important that you are honest with yourself. If you want to get fit be aware of all these problems and take action to train properly for a healthier, better looking body.