Tell Me About Your Favourite Tools - The Tool That Gets Used The Most From Your Tool Box

The usefulness of the tool is a contributing factor in why it is a favourite along with other factors that makes it special. Other reasons might be that it is a tool you use a lot and just feels good in the hand. You could own a saw that has a grip or handle that is smooth and comfortable in the hand, saw loads of wood with no ill effects. The tool could be of sentimental value and that is why you prefer it. The saw was passed down from your father and he showed you how to sharpen it properly when you was a child. That workshop tool was passed through a couple of generations before you and you want to pass it on also.

So what is it that makes a tool a a favourite?

You are bound to learn to love a tool that makes your life easier and lets you get your work finished sooner. The boss hands you a tool for the job that you have not used before and after trying it out you think it is great. What used to take an hour you are able to get done in about thirty minutes. One problem that occurs sometimes though is that through constant use the tool becomes worn out, and you have to try and replace it. When the new version of the power tool comes out from the maker, often times the old one was better in many ways. The products from the tools manufacturers seem to get poorer in quality due to savings having to be made.

It is always good when a tool gets well worn to fit the owner or user of it. No problem if only one person is getting to make use of the best tool in the box. But what if you get an assistant that comes in and starts to pick up your favourite, to dig up that tree stump. Will you put up with some newcomer grabbing your best work tools? With luck the new work mate will take care of your best tool and manage to do the job without damaging the thing. In our throwaway society people don’t seem to take care of things so well as in the past and tools don’t last a lifetime anymore. It doesn't seem to be the case that the materials which are better allowing the longevity of the products to get longer.

Many of us had or have a granddad that had tools that were cherished. The old used wood carving tools in the tools in the cabinet had an old smell that was unique and unforgettable Now that it is all power tools that workers prefer to use, the old hand tools will not get much use these days. Now we have the battery operated tools that work great when we are away from power. The hand tools will be sad and lonely in the tool box while the handy man will hire an generator to get some electricity to work with.